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Posted: September 18, 2013 in A Little Less Profound
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By Chrissy The Airborne Toxic Event

I first discovered The Airborne Toxic Event in 2011. They were on the radio and the song was, of course, Sometime Around Midnight. Oh my gosh, hearing the violin… Anna is so talented and the band’s sound would not be the same without her voice and amazing musicianship. Plus, she’s both a trooper and lucky for being among all those gorgeous boys!

Now, I’ve never experienced a broken heart, at least not from romantic love, but when I heard the gut wrenching way in which Mikel sang the song, well, I was hooked. Once Steven and Noah kicked in with their guitars, Daren on drums… well, I was a goner. It’s a perfect song, all around!

Immediately, I went to Best Buy and bought both of their first two cd’s. Even the sales guy helping me find them said that he is also a fan and that I would love every song! He was right.

I have yet to listen to anything else. Now, with the new cd out, Such Hot Blood, they just get better and better. How is that even possible?! I’ve loved music my entire life. It wasn’t so much that I found music, rather that music found me. To me, any musician living out his dream is a hero. But even the best have some misses: songs that you don’t like or care to listen to, so you skip over them on the cd. However, with TATE, every single song is excellent, just beyond bliss. Trust me, you aren’t skipping any songs on any of their albums. In fact, you’ll most likely be hitting “back” to listen again, or maybe you’ll just put the cd’s on repeat like I do, ha ha.

There are many songs of theirs that have a huge impact and bring tears to my eyes. I won’t mention the song titles, but anyone who is a true TATE fan will know the ones. Whenever I hear Mikel sing a song about life, about a deep, long-lasting love or marriage, about pain… it hits my soul. I know Mikel says he is not a poet, but he is a writer and of course, he is a gentleman. But I disagree with Mikel. He’s writing words that are just happenings or thoughts in his life and his mind. Each of us, his fans, relate to them in our own personal way, but I think we all recognize true talent when we hear it. Words are just words until formed into a beautiful song the way Mikel is able to do.

You would think that, as huge a TATE fan as I am, I would travel the country to see them in concert. I wish!! I have yet to see them live. Believe me, I have tried, and either the venue was too far away, or I just wasn’t able to make the show. But I actually feel it’s a blessing in disguise for the other fans who would be subjected to the lady singing along loudly to every single song. Yeah, that would be me. I think this band deserves to be heard; that’s what the fans pay to hear, and I’m not sure I’d be able to stay quiet. I can love them from afar, but i truly want the fans to get the full experience they are paying for. One thing I don’t regret is talking about, encouraging, recommending and sometimes maybe pushing others to listen to them! I’ll never stop doing that.

I think for many who have been subjected to bullying or maybe just felt like you never fit in, music is the great and best escape. I felt that way, still do sometimes, but when I’m lost in my music, I really don’t care what anyone thinks or says. Relating to others about music is a personal thing for me, as music is my life. I think any recognition this band gets is rightly deserved.

On YouTube there are several TATE playlists that I listen to daily, so I watch the videos when I can also. Every song is a favorite, but I must admit I have many top faves. I guess my ideal setlist, if I created one, would be:

1. Book of Love (just cuz of the way Mikel sings it)
2. A Letter to Georgia (same reason as #1)
3. Numb
4. Bride and Groom
5. This is London
6. Changing
7. Half of Something Else.
8. Sometime Around Midnight
9. All for a Woman
10. Gasoline
11. Safe
12. Elizabeth
13. Innocence
14. Missy (cuz it’s close to Chrissy)
15. Does This Mean You’re Moving On?
16. The Graveyard Near the House
17. All I Ever Wanted
18. Timeless… Okay, see, I need to stop or I’m just going to start listing all their songs!

I’m not a writer. I’ve never blogged before, but I do love this band. I will support them always and I hope and encourage people who haven’t heard of them or who maybe have only heard one song to go out and buy their albums. I’m sure you will be amazed; it will touch you and move you and you’ll become a fan like me. At least, that is my wish.

Chrissy is a fan from Michigan.

  1. Marc Kushner says:

    Chrissy, please get to one of their shows! EVERYONE is singing along loudly. I promise you wouldn’t be disturbing anyone. The audience is an integral part of an Airborne concert experience – theirs and ours.


  2. Jamie says:

    I second what Marc says. If you can make it out, please do so! YOU deserve to experience them live just as much as any other fan and you deserve to sing along and jump and scream. I promise, you will not be alone! Everyone is singing and dancing. It’s a celebration you should be a part of, not to be missed.


  3. Angela Fuller says:

    Other than U2, they are honestly, the BEST band I’ve ever seen live. I live in Austin, and have seen them at festivals, SXSW, and on their album tour, and trust me, they never disappoint! I love this band dearly, and their live shows are what make me love them even more. The energy and compassion they convey is something that’s lacking in most bands. TATE has it all. Mikel and Anna even mingle with the crowd from time. At their last show here in April after the show, Mikel gave me a hug and wished me happy birthday. I’ve never seen a band be so open and generous with their fans like TATE. I can’t wait to see them again, but in the meantime, I like Chrissy will be listening to their albums on repeat.


  4. Susan says:

    Chrissy, I am putting you on my wish list. I am going to strongly send positive wishing vibes to the great unknown that you get to a live show. I know how you feel though, for some reason or another, I’ve had to miss their last two shows which were right in my backyard. It’s frustrating! But you’ll get there one of these days. Fingers crossed for you!


  5. Chrissy says:

    Thank you Marc and Jamie. and you’re both right, I shouldn’t deny myself. It actually really sucks to miss their shows. Next time their in Michigan,I’m there
    Angela and Susan . . .ladies, thanks for the kinds words! I’ve seen U2 as well, and they do put on a great show . . .but from watching the live videos of TATE’s, I find them more lively and personable. and how lucky to get a hug from Mikel, I’m so jealous 😉


  6. Go. However you have to do it, just go. It is one of those things you HAVE to do, right up there with Seeing the Ocean or Skinny Dipping or Dancing In the Rain. It should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is perpetually on mine, no matter how many times I see them live. No matter the sacrifice – money, pride, comfort, etc – you won’t regret it, and you will wonder what took you so long, and how will you ever go back to regular life after this, and what do you mean you can’t go seem them again tomorrow? But some lucky people can and DO! There’s a reason for this madness, and you HAVE to experience it yourself.


    • Chrissy says:

      thank you,, these stunning ruins, THANK YOU! I agree. Bucket list for sure, the others you’ve mentioned, I have done, lol. It’s just i’ve been to 100’s of shows and it always happened . .. my singing and totally enjoying myself was upsetting others . .. to the point it was no longer fun for me. I’m not able to sit and be silent, especially not with TATE. TATE I hold above all bands and I’ve only seen their live videos to go by. and I’ve seen some great shows. There’s just something about Mikel, his lyrics, the way he sings . .. the band’s overwhelming kindness in talking to us, the fans. they have such generous spirits because not all bands do that! It’s like they want us to share in the madness and fun!!! this band is the real deal and I hope they get all the recognition and success they so rightly deserve! No lie, I listen to them everyday, all day since I found them, I found them late, but I’ve more than made up for lost time. I’m just crazy, crazy about this band!!!


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