Sometime Around Midnight – Literally

Posted: October 18, 2013 in Clamoring of the Crowd
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By Jamie

I have been an avid Airborne Toxic Event fan for as long as I can remember. My story starts out the same as most—I heard “Sometime Around Midnight” about four years ago, and after that unmatched, beautiful string opening, I was hooked. Since that day, I’ve seen the group whenever possible—five times so far, though I wish it was more.

The second to last time I saw them, last year, holds particularly great fondness for me. I was living in the Chicago at the time (having since moved to Texas) and upon searching through their latest tour dates, my breath caught. They were playing in Chicago on New Year’s Eve, which also happens to be my birthday. I had to go. The only problem? The tickets were quite pricey and none of my friends dig the group as much as me (which baffles me to no end, but I digress).

In the past, my boyfriend had always gone to the shows with me, but he was living in Texas at the time and we were doing long distance. I called him on the phone and had a few minutes of overwhelming panic, mixed with grief, mixed with anger at possibly not getting to see my favorite group on New Year’s Eve and my birthday.

After immaturely sulking all day, I received an email from my boyfriend. A flight confirmation? I was confused. Then another email came along—a receipt for two tickets to see TATE on New Year’s Eve. My jaw dropped.

The next few months were riddled with excitement and anxiety regarding the New Year’s Eve show. I could barely contain myself. And then the night came. It was beautiful, wonderful, emotional—all words other fans have used to describe TATE performances. I had seen the group several times before in Chicago, New York and Texas, but this night was unlike any other.

New Year’s Eve is the party of all parties, so to see a band that night means that for everyone in attendance, it has to be your all-time favorite group. (And Metro, the venue, was packed—further proof that TATE fans are die-hard fans). Aside from all the other festivities that come along with New Year’s Eve—the balloons, the champagne, the confetti—the night was perfect. Especially the finale.

Every other time I’d seen TATE, they played “Missy” as their last song—such a perfect way to end a show. This time was the same, but the song had a 10-15 minute (I’m not exaggerating) interjection of The Clash’s “I Fought the Law,” ending right when the clock struck midnight. People went nuts—sweaty, screaming bodies everywhere, jumping around, yelling the lyrics—the whole shebang.

The night was one I’ll never forget.  Starting a brand new year with the love of my life surprising me was one thing, but having it all set against the musical backdrop of the greatest band on earth (I’m not exaggerating) made the night so memorable for me. I still have that night’s poster framed and hanging in my kitchen as a constant reminder of a beautiful night.

Jamie, fan of The Airborne Toxic EventA recent graduate of NYU, Jamie Friedlander is a word-loving freelance writer and editor. She has worked in New York and Chicago (her hometown) and currently works and resides in Dallas. She is a huge TATE fan and tries to see the group whenever possible. Her favorite song is a tie between “Missy” and “The Fifth Day.”

  1. Erika McGuire says:

    Love this . I especially love the idea that TATE fans are always exactly where they want to be. It’s a global family.


  2. Jen says:

    AWESOME Jamie 🙂


  3. Susan says:

    This must have been the ultimate show! Thanks for sharing it.


  4. […] Though every Airborne Toxic Event show radiates with energy, beauty and an unknown force all of us diehard fans love, there was something about the New Year’s Eve 2013 show that was unlike all the rest. The group played all their hits – and in typical TATE fashion, began closing with “Missy” right around midnight. Right when the clock struck midnight, however, the group broke into “I Fought the Law” by The Clash as the room filled with balloons and confetti. Nearly everyone grabbed someone else to kiss amidst an energetic “Happy New Year!” and TATE continued to rock out to The Clash. What a perfect way to transition from one year to another—music from TATE, a burst of rebelliousness and a kiss. (Click here for more from Jamie on the New Years Eve show.) […]


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