Toxicity 14

Posted: November 1, 2013 in Toxicity
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By Glen

The last few editions of Toxicity have been heavy on Airborne Toxic Event show reviews and photo galleries. And yes, we’ve got more of those to share – but we’re going to save them for the next installment. This week, we’re changing up the pace a bit with some lighter, less newsworthy, but no less fun Airborne content from around the web.

Anna Bulbrook sketch by DeviantArt user LookingForSth

Anna Bulbrook sketch
by DeviantArt user LookingForSth

Toxic Art

The Airborne Toxic Event are not just inspired; they’re also inspiring. Some of us are inspired to write… and write… and then write some more. Others in the TATE fan community find more creative outlets for their addiction. Here’s a selection of TATE-themed artwork that’s well worth checking out. Some of these are new, some are older, all are awesome.

Guitar Pick Art is exactly what it sounds like: artwork created entirely out of guitar picks. They recently unveiled a brilliant TATE logo piece on their Instagram account. If you like what you see, check out their website, where they have a number of impressive pieces for sale (sadly, the TATE piece does not appear to be available for purchase at this time). They do custom work, as well.

DeviantArt is home to a couple of noteworthy pieces, including a lovely pencil sketch of Anna Bulbrook from the band’s early days, by user LookingForSth, and a rather striking pair of shoes by velocitygirl4455.

The Airborne Toxic Event Shoes, created by DeviantArt user velocitygirl4455

“Anna’s Symphony” Cookies by Susan Prunty

Our friend Susan hit the kitchen again this week, following up her previous tasty TATE treats (guitar picks, Noah’s bass, Daren’s drum kit and all the band member’s faces) with, you guessed it, Anna’s viola cookies.

My wife thinks Airborne’s dying bird imagery is horrifying… which, naturally, makes it a perfect fit for Halloween! TATE fan Bryant got into the spirit of the season by carving the greatest pumpkin I’ve ever seen.

And finally, perhaps the most ambitious effort of all comes from YouTuber prumott08, who produced an original short film called “Alright Love,” set to the Airborne songs “Innocence” and “Missy.”

Airborne fans are a talented bunch to say the least. For more TATE-inspired artwork, check out the ongoing “Artists” thread in the band’s forum.

So, Mikel and Steven, What Does the Fox Say?

I have to confess, that whole “What Does the Fox Say?” meme went right over my head (my kids think it’s hilarious, though). When 95X’s Roxy caught up with Mikel and Steven, that was apparently the pressing question on her mind. If only I had thought to ask them when I had the chance…

15 Seconds in Heaven with Mikel

TATE forum member javier officially won the Internet by digging up Literally The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Seen. As a young married man who was anxious to please his wife in the mid-nineties, I sat through many a schmaltzy episode of the TV show 7th Heaven. Little did I know then that, had I been paying more attention, I might have glimpsed the future in the form of a teenaged Mikel Jollett (aka Danny Johnson), flashing that trademark smile that has made so many female concert-goers swoon. The clip is brief, but glorious. Check it out on Instagram, or jump to the 45-second mark on the video below (money shot at 1:05). Seriously: Best. Thing. Ever.

A Band by Any Other Name

How do you feel about the band’s name? Some love it, some hate it, and some just can’t remember it. Anyway, Mikel recently revealed one of the runners-up on Twitter:

The Beggar Maid – better or worse than The Airborne Toxic Event? (Another name on the shortlist was Bend Sinister.)

Toxic Gold

And finally, after all this nonsense, I’d say it’s time for some actual music! We leave you with “All At Once,” from the KFOG Concert for Kids (2011):

Glen, Fan of The Airborne Toxic EventGlen is the founder and editor of This Is Nowhere. He’s grateful for an understanding wife and kids who indulge his silly compulsion to chase a band all over the Pacific Northwest (and occasionally beyond) every time the opportunity arises.


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