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Posted: December 11, 2013 in 5's
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By Jamie

Where to put the next signed TATE poster?

Where to put the next signed TATE poster?

If you’ve ever been a fan of anything, chances are you’ve said something that seems ridiculous and maybe even insane to an outsider, but completely normal to fellow fans. The internet is brimming with videos and blog posts from various fandoms, poking fun at themselves for the seemingly irrational thoughts and statements their fellow fans come up with. After stumbling across a couple of these blogs, I started wondering….what kind of things do TATE fans say? I surveyed some friends and fellow TATE enthusiasts and the results were hilarious. Turns out, we’re pretty ridiculous sometimes, too. I’ve narrowed down some of my favorite answers but I can assure you, there are more where these came from!

1. “I’m running out of room to hang my signed stuff…”

Fact: if you wait after a gig, the band will sign anything you put in front of them. Usually without hesitation. I once saw Mikel sign some guy’s forehead. You can’t hang your forehead on a wall, though, so I never understood the motivation behind that one. Anyway, if you decide you want 5 copies of various albums, each signed by a different band member, to frame your guitar (which you already carefully carried to a show to be signed by Mikel), chances are with enough patience and free time, you can make it happen. Also, just in case you’re not the “hanging around outside a venue in a not so great part of town in the middle of the night” kind of fan (I’m told they exist), for just $10 you can get practically anything in the band’s merch store signed and shipped. That means I can get my limited edition Such Hot Blood vinyl signed. I can already anticipate the impending discussion with my husband:

“What’s that you say, my darling, long suffering husband? I already have 5 signed set lists, 2 signed albums and 3 signed posters? Yes, this is true…but I don’t have ALL THE THINGS signed, so obviously I need this. Now, there’s no more free space our bedroom wall… how would you feel if I hung this above our fireplace?”

2. “There are other bands besides The Airborne Toxic Event?”

There are some fans, and probably more than you realize, who just cannot fathom wanting to listen to a band OTHER than The Airborne Toxic Event. Maybe that’s because when listening to TATE’s library as a whole, there really is a little something of everything… or maybe they’re just extremely loyal. Either way, don’t be surprised when you ask a TATE fan for a new music recommendation and they ask, “Have you ever heard the *slow* version of ‘Strange Girl?'”

3. “Have you seen my tattoo?”

Mikel has mentioned in recent interviews that the whole front row is filled with tattooed fans, and he’s not really exaggerating. What are you to do when you love a band so much that you want the whole world to know? Declare your love by branding yourself a “forever fan” with a tattoo, of course. I myself have joined that club and like others, I’ve chosen lyrics to announce my loyalty. (No, I will not regret the words scrawled on my arm, thankyouverymuch.) Another popular tattoo is TATE’s wounded bird, which many would consider to be the band’s logo. It’s an obvious choice, really. Who WOULDN’T want a bloody, mortally wounded bird etched permanently into their skin?! I know it’s hard to fathom, but there are people that would cringe at the idea, which is what makes sporting this somewhat morbid image the ultimate in proving your dedication. Next time you’re at a TATE show, see if you can spot the fans against the barrier, comparing the size of their birds.

4. “(S)He is so hot.”

In the words of a dear friend and fellow TATE fan, “I am so annoyed with myself for saying that.” And I totally am. I was reluctant to admit to this one, honestly. Something about saying that any member of the band is attractive makes me feel like I lose my “serious fan” membership card (and I carry that card with pride). It is, after all, “about the music.” (I swear.) Still, I’ve realized it cannot be ignored, and any claims that I liked the band *before* I found out how gorgeous they all were are pointless. But since we’re on the subject… I liked them before I knew they were gorgeous. (I swear.)

Have you ever read the marriage proposals and declarations of love under Mikel’s recent Instagram pictures? Had your eardrums nearly blown out by the piercing screams from the audience as Noah approaches the crowd? If so, it’s probably obvious to you that the band members’ physical attributes are as popular as their music. This is not a group of people that are lacking in the looks department, and with the all around gorgeous Anna, there really is a little something for everyone. While it’s usually the young girls proposing marriage or changing their usernames to “Mrs. Jollett,” even their most composed and mature fans can’t help but to be overcome by it all sometimes. So, if someone starts giggling like a school girl when Mikel flashes a smile in their direction at a show, don’t judge them too harshly… have you seen how blue his eyes are?! Oh… I feel so ashamed.

5. “I need more shows. I’m suffering from concert withdrawal.”

It’s true. I am. And I’m not alone. This might be the number one phrase I hear out of my fellow TATE fans’ mouths. Experiencing a live show is a special kind of high. A drug that we’ve grown accustomed to and need often to maintain our sanity. That’s totally normal, right? (Right?!) Most of us will admit we are a terribly spoiled fandom. Our beloved band tours constantly, and that enables us to see them multiple times a year. We usually only have to wait a couple months (at most) before we have another show in our future, which is why we start whining like little diaper babies when we have to wait any longer than that for an announcement. Symptoms of withdrawal are many but they may include: spending hours watching live footage on YouTube, reading every possible interview you can find, dressing your kids up like members of the band and whining to fellow, sympathetic fans. That last one is important for my sanity. Your fellow fans don’t judge you like the rest of the world does when you mention you want more shows, despite how many you’ve already been to. (Eight live shows in two years, but who’s counting?)

Jamie: A Strange, Strange GirlJamie spends most of her days with her husband as they attempt to raise 4 future TATE fans and all around decent human beings. In her free time, when not obsessively listening to her favorite bands and going to concerts, she is also an aspiring seamstress. She writes about her handmade wardrobe on her blog Such a Strange Girl.


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