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Posted: December 13, 2013 in Toxicity
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Noah Harmon and Steven Chen of The Airborne Toxic Event Photo by TATE fan Anneke Peeters

Noah Harmon and Steven Chen
of The Airborne Toxic Event
Photo by TATE fan Anneke Peeters

By Glen

The Airborne Toxic Event news embargo officially lifted in early December, as the band reconvened for three holiday shows in southern California. It was a fun and fitting end to another fantastic TATE year, which we will recap in full in a special year-end edition of Toxicity coming up a couple weeks from now.

Holiday Show Wrap-Up

TATE’s holiday stint saw them hit the stage three times in five nights: first at the No Dough Show in Corona, then at the 91x Holiday Bonus Show in San Diego, and finally at the rooftop ALTimate Christmas party in Hollywood. Of the three, the San Diego set was arguably the highlight, featuring the longest setlist and an onstage collaboration with good friends Fitz and the Tantrums, as “True Love” made its very welcome return to the playlist.

The Holiday Bonus Show also yielded a pair of entertaining Mikel interviews with 91x. The first finds the singer heralding the band’s arrival in the big-time with their new, expandable tour bus (“We are ballin’!”), talking cliche rock-star vices (destroying guitars on stage, cocaine addictions and model girlfriends – one out of three ain’t bad), and best of all, pulling out a trifecta of impressions: the most excellent nerd voice since Professor Frink, followed by an old man blues voice that he inexplicably imagines belongs to his future son, and finally a weaker attempt at playing Mexican. All very entertaining.

In between the tomfoolery, the interviewer delves into Mikel’s proclivity for writing songs without a traditional chorus – a trend that was bucked with the latest single, “Hell and Back.” This theme would resurface when Mikel sat in as a third party to the host’s interview of Fitz and the Tantrums, as Fitz is given some of the credit for pushing Mikel to start writing choruses. “Why?” asks Mikel. “That’s boring! How are you gonna be dark and tortured?”

The final shows of the year also produced a couple of stellar photo galleries – 91x’s official photo stream from San Diego, and 98.7’s photos from the ALTimate Christmas party – Anna sporting a nifty new hat in the latter.


With the 2013 touring schedule having officially come to a close, it’s time to look ahead to 2014. While we await the announcement of (hopefully) another full tour leg, there are three shows on the docket so far: a charitable show in Vancouver on Jan. 25 (excuse me for a moment… HELL YEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!… sorry about that), an appearance at The Pageant in St. Louis on Feb. 12, and a Valentine’s Day gig at The Fillmore in Detroit. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Twitter feed, where we’ll pass on additional show news as soon as we hear it.

Meet the Calders

According to the TATE fan survey, about a third of Airborne fans would prefer to see the band play with frequent collaborators, The Calder Quartet, over a regular rock show or a full orchestra performance. Those fans (and many others, no doubt) are sure to enjoy this video, which introduces us to the Quartet – and includes some unseen footage from the All I Ever Wanted film shoot, to boot. It’s just a small taste of the incredible skill of these gifted players, who dabble in a remarkable breadth of musical styles. If you weren’t among the 33% who voted in favor of the Calders before, you may just change your mind after seeing this.

Toxic Gold

And finally, in what may just be the most golden Toxic Gold of all time, we present to you The Legend of El Limbo. Lest you think there’s been some mistake, bear with it. You won’t regret it. If you’re impatient, jump to 2:26 – but really, you have to watch the whole thing. (HT to our friend Adinda for digging up this gem.)

Glen, Fan of The Airborne Toxic EventGlen is the founder and editor of This Is Nowhere. He’s grateful for an understanding wife and kids who indulge his silly compulsion to chase a band all over the Pacific Northwest (and occasionally beyond) every time the opportunity arises.


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