The Airborne Toxic Baby Shower and Trivia Challenge

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Longtime This Is Nowhere readers will be familiar with the story of Colleen, who bared her soul and shared the loss of two precious children in her stunning series, Behind the Madness.

We’re thrilled to report that Colleen is now in the late stages of pregnancy, and she and her husband are expecting a son in early February! In celebration, This Is Nowhere is joining with other friends in the online TATE fan community to host an online Airborne Toxic Baby Shower! (And yes, I will be handing in my man card at the conclusion of this party.)

We invite you to use the links below to join in the fun on various blogs. Be sure to visit every page – I promise you, you’ve never seen a baby shower quite like this.

The Airborne Toxic Baby Cake
TATE Baby Gift #1
TATE Baby Gift #2
TATE Baby Gift #3
Meet Colleen

This Is Nowhere is pleased to present our gift to the world’s newest and littlest fan of The Airborne Toxic Event. It’s in the mail, Colleen, and we trust he will wear it proudly!

Colleen's TATE Baby Gift

And now to the fun. I can honestly say that this is the first (and likely last) baby shower game I have ever created.

Think you know The Airborne Toxic Event? Take the TATE Trivia Challenge! To play along, keep track of your answers to the following 25 questions on a piece of paper. Then, click on the link at the bottom of the quiz to go to the TATE Trivia Challenge Answers page. Count up the number of correct responses and post your score in the comment section on the Answers page (we are using the honor system here, people). The person with the highest score will receive a dozen delicious TATE guitar pick cookies, courtesy of Susan Prunty, who also baked the cake for today’s virtual celebration. In the event that there is a tie for top spot, the deadlocked competitors will be entered into a random draw for the prize. Most of the answers can be found somewhere in the archives of This Is Nowhere.

Happy playing! And congratulations, Colleen and Andy. We’re all excited to meet your little Mikel Noah Daren Chen guy.

1. What game does drummer Daren Taylor play on his phone at every opportunity?

A. Minecraft
B. Solitaire
C. Angry Birds
D. Words with Friends

2. Which band member is quoted in the lyrics to “Sometime Around Midnight?”

A. Anna Bulbrook
B. Noah Harmon
C. Steven Chen
D. Daren Taylor

3. Which Such Hot Blood song was played live exactly once on the Such Hot Blood Tour (not counting orchestra shows)?

A. What’s in a Name?
B. This is London
C. The Fifth Day
D. The Way Home

4. Which of these was NOT considered as a potential name for the band?

A. Gladney
B. The Beggar Maid
C. Bend Sinister
D. None of the above

5. What is the name of the song that became the extended live intro for “Innocence?”

A. Disappear
B. Static
C. Cough Syrup and Drugs
D. Heaven is a Map

6. What is the name of the high school that provided the marching band in the All I Ever Wanted film?

A. Silver Lake Secondary School
B. Belmont High School
C. Poppy Secondary School
D. Lalo Guerrero Middle and High School

7. Which song from Such Hot Blood originally included portions of “The Way Home?”

A. The Secret
B. The Storm
C. Bride and Groom
D. True Love

8. Which of these is NOT the name of an unreleased TATE/Mikel Jollett song?

A. That’s Not the Point of Babette
B. Things Such As These
C. Hunter of Invisible Game
D. April is the Cruelest Month

9. Which song was used as a concert opener for the first time on the Fall 2013 tour?

A. Hell and Back
B. Half of Something Else
C. The Storm
D. Safe

10. Who wrote the short story “The Girls in Their Summer Dresses,” which TATE turned into a song?

A. Irwin Shaw
B. Milan Kundera
C. Alice Munro
D. Don DeLillo

11. In which city did Mikel Jollett and Noah Harmon once get locked outside the venue prior to the encore?

A. Boise, ID
B. Salt Lake City, UT
C. Chapel Hill, NC
D. Lexington, KY

12. What was the name of the band’s original guitar tech?

A. Bob
B. Blake
C. Bill
D. Barry

13. For which All I Ever Wanted song did the band try 15 different arrangements before settling on the final version?

A. A Letter to Georgia
B. Duet
C. Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio?
D. All I Ever Wanted

14. How much did Noah Harmon pay for the suit jacket he wore on stage at Disney Concert Hall?

A. $4
B. $40
C. $104
D. $400

15. Which TATE cover does Daren Taylor admit to never having heard the original version?

A. Kiss Off
B. Folsom Prison Blues
C. The Book of Love
D. Goodbye Horses

16. After which film star did Noah Harmon name his dog?

A. John Malkovich
B. Joe Pesci
C. Robert DeNiro
D. Marlon Brando

17. When Airborne was first starting out, which well known rocker named them as one of his favorite new bands?

A. Steven van Zandt (E Street Band)
B. Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi)
C. Brandon Flowers (The Killers)
D. Adam Clayton (U2)

18. In which popular 90’s TV series did Mikel Jollett make a brief cameo?

A. Party of Five
B. Dawson’s Creek
C. 7th Heaven
D. Beverly Hills 90210

19. Which song did Mikel Jollett write on an airplane?

A. All At Once
B. True Love
C. The Way Home
D. Welcome to Your Wedding Day

20. Which other band did TATE face in a bowling competition at a recent summer festival?

A. Fitz and the Tantrums
B. The Drowning Men
C. The Naked and Famous
D. Kodaline

21. Which website gave TATE’s debut album a dismal review, prompting Mikel Jollett to write a fiery response?

A. Rolling Stone
C. Q Magazine
D. Pitchfork

22. Prior to joining TATE, with which rapper did Anna Bulbrook tour?

A. Eminem
B. Kanye West
C. Jay-Z
D. Puff Daddy

23. “Strange Girl” is an homage to which band?

A. The Smiths
B. The Ramones
C. The Cure
D. The Clash

24. In addition to “Changing,” what song did TATE play when they appeared on Gossip Girl?

A. Numb
B. All for a Woman
C. All I Ever Wanted
D. The Graveyard Near the House

25. Which Airborne song was featured in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy?

A. The Secret
B. Timeless
C. The Storm
D. Elizabeth

Discover and report your score on the TATE Trivia Challenge Answers page.

  1. I can’t get over how awesome this is. Thank you so much. And best of all, no lame baby shower games – this one rocks! No need to turn in your man card, sir…this is entirely appropriate & acceptable, as it is in the name of sex & rock & roll (sex = baby, get it?). Thank you again for all the support. ❤


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  3. cma818 says:

    Pretty awesome!!! I thought I knew a lot about them but clearly I don’t & can’t wait to make time to do the research.


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