Changing, Changing

Posted: February 5, 2014 in A Little Less Profound
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Mikel Jollett of The Airborne Toxic Event Photo by TATE fan Anneke Peeters

Mikel Jollett of The Airborne Toxic Event
Photo by TATE fan Anneke Peeters

By Keith

Can you imagine the Rolling Stones gigging “My Way” in dress suits?


Then consider Bob Dylan in the sixties. A folk hero of the sixties generation in the UK after his initial two albums, the audience for his upcoming London gig was ready and hungry for a night of acoustic guitar protest anthems. But he turned up with a rock band for a heavy gig, which was not what his fans had bought into. He was jeered off the stage.

Change is inevitable, and it usually evolves in a natural way. Transform yourself too quickly, and you leave your fans behind.

I’m sure some fans would go home happy from a show if their favourite group had played their favourite song on live repeat all night (maybe an idea for an April Fools Day gig.) Myself, I was delighted to hear some old stuff at my one and only show by The Airborne Toxic Event, even though the original arrangements of most of their songs have been and will be changed several times over.

However, would I like TATE to end right now and just leave us with what is on the table?

Good grief, no.

I am excited by the thought of not only new songs and albums, but also whatever different direction they may take to continuously improve their music. Any progression might even leave me behind for a little while, but any group worth following will and has to change, usually for the better.

The alternative is to grow stale, playing continuous gigs with similar setlists. The answer is to write new material and try out different arrangements during soundchecks and in their down time.

Hopefully that has been the case, because the anticipation on this end has never been greater.

KeithKeith is a self-taught artist from Ireland. He is CEO of a leading Irish company producing print products from over 200 of his watercolors depicting scenes all over Ireland. He has exhibited at The RHA Dublin; his paintings are in worldwide collections, including that of an Irish Prime Minister. Watercolors & oils now compete for his time alongside the exciting new age of digital painting. Many of the youthful new bands Keith saw live in the sixties are now worldwide headline acts. The honest raw emotion he felt then, he feels now with The Airborne Toxic Event.


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