Top 5 Live TATE Moments Caught on Film

Posted: February 17, 2014 in 5's
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Mikel Jollett preps a young guitarist for his first performance. Photo by Glen, Vancouver, Jan. 25, 2014.

Mikel Jollett preps a young guitarist for his first performance.
Photo by Glen, Vancouver, Jan. 25, 2014.

By Nicole

As a concert goer and music fan, I love seeing band members interact with each other, and with their fans. Some of the best moments in live music history have involved one of the two – or sometimes on certain, special occasions… both!

Mutemath, my second favorite band, has some of the craziest high-energy performances I have ever seen. They know how to entertain. Norah Jones, who creates some incredibly beautiful music, talked to the crowd more than any other band or musician I have witnessed in my short 22 years. She was making small talk, and bantering with the crowd and her band all night long. On top of the relaxed, musical atmosphere, the crowd and band engagement made for a really enjoyable night. And if anyone has ever seen Flogging Molly in concert you know what I mean when I say that watching them jam out makes me, the viewer, flat out exhausted from all the energy they bring to the stage. Especially in today’s ever changing music industry, putting on a good live performance seems to be critical to making a living for bands and musicians.

You cannot say that a YouTube or Vine video recreates the same feeling as a live concert. No sir! No ma’am! Seeing a band live is one of the best feelings because it is a collective excitement shared by all of the fans in the room, and ideally that energy is shared by the bands that are taking the stage throughout the night.

As good as the bands mentioned above are, to me (and I am sure to a good portion of the This Is Nowhere audience), The Airborne Toxic Event takes the cake when it comes to live performances. And while it may not be even close to the thrill of seeing them live, there are some really great TATE moments caught on camera. So, I present to you my favorite YouTube videos of The Airborne Toxic Event live in concert.

5. Changing, Featuring a Young Fan, Filmed by Brook Pooni Associates in Vancouver

I mean, COME ON! How cute is this? I have absolutely no doubt that this kid will be a fan for life now that he has had the chance to play onstage with his favorite band. Watching or hearing about moments like this always reaffirms my love for this band. It never really occurred to me how many kids are into The Airborne Toxic Event until the band posted on their Facebook late last year the picture of Anna and hardcore, 9 year old fan Megan (megantheshy as Anna calls her, I think?). There were some parents posting in the comments and on the band’s wall about their own kids. Then, shortly after, they posted a picture of one fan’s kids who were seriously rocking the mini-Steven and mini-Anna looks. Adorable! I know there are other similar accounts out there too, and just reading parents’ stories about what these people have done for their young fans over the years makes me insanely happy! (And I know you don’t know me, but congrats to Colleen on your newest little TATE fan. I thought the TATE themed baby shower was perfect!)

4. Mikel Scales the Orpheum Theatre Balcony, Filmed by Julie in Boston

When I was watching this video for the first time I was really, really, really hoping that Mikel would climb that ladder in the back of the theatre. How epic would that be? But I just don’t think it would have been stable enough.

Pushing the boundaries for on-stage antics seems to be a hobby for TATE, and especially the front man. After slithering his way up to the balcony seats, embarrassing Anna’s parents and family, jumping from one platform to another to mingle with fans, and casually gliding back down to the stage, Mikel decided that wasn’t enough. He jumped off stage and made a high-five beeline straight to the back. And he accomplished all this while singing two upbeat, high-energy songs. Who does that? Crazy people. Crazy people who I want to see in concert over and over again, that’s who!

3. Does This Mean Your Moving On? Filmed by Pokabeb at ACL 2011, Austin

So much awesomeness in one video I can’t even comprehend. First off, I love that Mikel was just jumping from speaker to speaker in the intro of the video.  Once he’s finished and is heading back to the stage to climb the pillars, Anna jumps down and motions to the crowd that she is going to jump. Then she proceeds to blow everyone’s minds by sailing through the air, and landing on top of the audience for a briefly lived crowd surf before (correct me if I am wrong) Punchy yanks her back down and she heads to the stage. I guess Mikel is not the only crazy person in this band. Thank goodness for that because it makes for great, nerve-wracking entertainment. Shortly after, Anna climbs onto Noah’s shoulders and jams out while the rest of the band is keeping an eye on daredevil Mike, who is probably 20-30 feet above stage level now. Once the song concludes, Anna falls fearlessly backwards into Punchy’s arms, and Mikel descends from the sky to start the next song. If I were in this audience I would certainly be thinking, “These people are FREAKING AWESOME!” because that is what I still think re-watching the video two years later.

2. Rita Featuring the Drowning Men, Filmed by Julie in Boston

This is one of my favorite Airborne videos. They all look like they are having such a great time despite the tragedy that had happened the night before. As the lead singer of The Drowning Men states in the beginning of the video, the opening act’s van had been hit by a drunk driver traveling on the interstate, and consequently their vehicle was trashed. Thankfully, the crash left the band members and their equipment with no permanent damage. He goes on to say that the Airborne Toxic crew turned their bus around, and put the band and all their equipment on their tour bus. That must have been some crowded sleeping quarters! The level of companionship in this epic moment makes me smile every time.

1. Missy Medley, Filmed by Jessica in Sacramento

There really is nothing to say about this one except… God, I love this band. I’ll just let the videos speak for themselves!

Nicole is a university student majoring in Chemistry, but loves listening to music. She was introduced to TATE by one of her good college friends, and has attended her first Airborne concert recently. Now she is patiently waiting for them to hit the road again on another U.S. tour!


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