Anna Bulbrook and The Airborne Toxic Event: On the road again. Photo by TATE fan Jennifer McInnis, Vancouver, 2014.

Anna Bulbrook and The Airborne Toxic Event: On the road again. Photo by TATE fan Jennifer McInnis, Vancouver, 2014.

By Glen

A year ago this week, The Airborne Toxic Event fanbase was abuzz over the release of Such Hot Blood, and caught up in the excitement of almost nightly shows in support thereof. By contrast, spring 2014 has been unnaturally quiet for a band that rarely disappears from public eye for too long. But fear not: we’re now a mere week from the official start of summer festival season, with TATE set to take the stage three times in the next 15 days. Newsier days ahead…

Canada, Eh?

TATE’s summer schedule has had a few additional dates circled in the past few weeks, most recently with the announcement of a pair of festival appearances in Alberta, Canada: Aug. 30 at Calgary’s X Fest, and the following day at Edmonton’s Sonic Boom. These announcements were particularly heartening for this native Calgarian, as I’ve long lamented the fact that my hometown (and much of Canada) has never hosted my favorite band. Though TATE is no stranger to Canada, they’ve generally limited their stops to Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, ignoring the three provinces between BC and Ontario (not to mention the East Coast). So it’s been fun to finally get a chance to exhort my Calgary friends and family to check out the band when they pass through.

Speaking of Canada, we have confirmation that the group’s gig at Boonstock (Penticton, BC) will take place on Aug. 1. We’ve also found reason to be optimistic that we’ll be able to procure a single day ticket to see it. Though festival organizers continue to warn that day passes will only be sold if they fail to sell out weekend passes, they did recently release single day pricing ($125 on a presale), indicating that such an announcement may not be far off. In Calgary, meanwhile, the news is more bleak, with the X Fest website making it clear that the only way to see TATE will be to shell out $180 for a full weekend pass. Here’s hoping this doesn’t become a trend.

Meanwhile, in non-Canadian news, another announcement from recent days will please Minnesotans, who will welcome The Airborne Toxic Event to the Basilica Block Party in Minneapolis on July 11. We also have confirmation that TATE will play Milwaukee’s Summerfest on July 2.

For the full summer schedule, visit our setlists page. And stay tuned for setlists and reviews as the shows happen.

Late Breaking from Georgia

From the Department of Better Late Than Never, if you can remember all the way back to Feb. 7, that was the day that TATE made their first appearance in Athens, GA, where they played the 40 Watt Club. In early April, Online Athens published a review by Tori Riggle, a self-confessed Airborne fan who had never previously seen the quintet in the flesh – in fact, she calls this her “first true rock show.” She didn’t leave disappointed.

Shameless Plug

In the absence of any other TATE news, allow me to take a moment for a shameless plug. If you’re catching the band on the road this summer, we want to hear from you! Whether it’s sharing a setlist, sending in your photos or – best of all – writing a gig review, This Is Nowhere is a place where every member of the TATE community is welcome and encouraged to contribute. If you’ve got something to add, hit us up at

Which reminds me, we’re also preparing a feature later this month on Airborne tattoos. If you’ve got TATE-inspired ink, please send us a photo along with anything you want to share about it (why you chose that particular design, etc.), and we’ll be happy to include it in the piece.

Toxic Gold

In closing, let’s set the stage for the festival fun ahead with a look back at T in the Park 2011, and a rip-roaring rendition of “Welcome to Your Wedding Day.”

Glen, Fan of The Airborne Toxic EventGlen is the founder and editor of This Is Nowhere. He’s grateful for an understanding wife and kids who indulge his silly compulsion to chase a band all over the Pacific Northwest (and occasionally beyond) every time the opportunity arises.

  1. julie says:

    I’d like to chime in with my lament about “whole hog only” festival passes. While it’s fun to see a variety of bands at one place, multiple days is a bit much for some folks and way out of reach price-wise for all but those with very deep pockets. For East Coast Airborne fans considering Firefly if there’s nothing else this summer, it’s an *all four days only* extravaganza for $299! Egads. The chasm between the rich and everybody else widens…


  2. Totally Julie. Especially when you factor is that it’s a shorter than usual set, and you’re likely to be further than usual from the band.


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