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Posted: June 6, 2014 in Toxicity
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Pete Galli (l), Manager of The Airborne Toxic Event, was a recent guest on Darren Rose Radio.

By Glen

It’s just 104 days till the Fillmore residency, and The Airborne Toxic Event fan base might be as excited as it’s ever been. With sky high anticipation of the new tour on top colliding with growing expectations for the next album, it’s a fun time to be an Airborne fan. Here are a few TATE tidbits plucked from around the Interwebz of late.

Pete Galli on Breaking Ba(n)d

Last time in Toxicity, we covered Mikel Jollett’s startlingly revealing interview that launched Darren Rose Radio. Rose didn’t stray far for his second installment, sitting down with Pete Galli, Manager of The Airborne Toxic Event (among other acts). Darren and Pete’s conversation veers through a variety of topics, with plenty of Airborne references and anecdotes along the way. Most interesting are Pete’s four steps to breaking a new band: great songs, a good story, a clear identity and a kickin’ live show. It’s easy to see how each of these factors played a key role in growing TATE’s popularity.

Pete’s prioritization of a good story is particularly striking. Mikel’s week from hell that led to the formation of the band is TATE legend, and well known to every follower of the group. But according to Pete, it’s a story that the singer was initially hesitant to share, until the manager convinced him that he had to tell it, and tell it often. Those of us who are drawn to the way in which Mikel wears his heart on his sleeve may have Pete Galli to thank, at least to some extent.

Our friend Julie published a review of Rose’s first four episodes. It has quickly become apparent that the podcast is a must-listen for anyone with an interest in the music industry. Plus, it’s clear that Rose is a huge Airborne backer (in case you can’t tell from his t-shirt), having already referenced the band a number of times in his non-TATE-related shows. Well worth checking out.


On May 27, I opened my Twitter feed and saw @Mikel_Jollett’s profile photo cascading down the page. Clearly, he had something to get off his chest. I scrolled down… and down… and down to the first entry. It seems the trending topic #YesAllWomen, which caught fire in the wake of the latest sexually-driven mass shooting in the U.S., grabbed the wordsmith’s attention:

Once again, Mikel expresses what’s on so many of our minds, better than we ever could. #Amen

Airborne Toxic Treats

Our favorite baker has been cooking up a storm. Having previously whipped up the ultimate cake for a TATE-themed baby shower, as well as cookie replicas of an assortment of band members, guitar picks and instruments, Susan has once again brought The Airborne Toxic Event into the kitchen.

First, she put her considerable talents to work on Steven Chen’s ghostly guitar pick:

And then, she baked her way straight into violist Anna Bulbrook’s heart with these adorable doggie treats:

Now that she’s immortalized Io the Wonder Dog, where can Susan possibly go from here? A leather jacket clad baby for Noah Harmon, perhaps?

Susan also took some time out of her busy baking schedule to pen some reflections on turning 40 – a reality that was driven home when she became aware that Mikel too reached that milestone recently.

Fun and Games?

This could be huge. Or it could be nothing at all. We have no idea.

Last week, The Airborne Toxic Event retweeted this:

Confused? So were we. So we clicked on over to the profile of Day For Night Games, where we found this description: “A new indie game studio working with a group of former Irrational Games developers and LA-based musicians on The Black Glove.”

So our favorite LA-based musicians retweeted an obscure clue to a video game that is being developed by, among others, some LA-based musicians. Form your own conclusions.

Toxic Gold

One of the rare tracks we’re very much looking forward to at the San Francisco full album shows in September is the shimmering ballad from All At Once, “All for a Woman.” We leave you this week with a pretty teaser from NAMM 2011 with Taylor Guitars.

Glen, Fan of The Airborne Toxic EventGlen is the founder and editor of This Is Nowhere. He’s grateful for an understanding wife and kids who indulge his silly compulsion to chase a band all over the Pacific Northwest (and occasionally beyond) every time the opportunity arises.


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