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Posted: August 1, 2014 in Toxicity
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Steven Chen of The Airborne Toxic Event: living on the edge at the Basilica Block Party

Steven Chen of The Airborne Toxic Event: living on the edge at the Basilica Block Party.

By Glen

Just a tad stoked as I post the latest Airborne Toxic Event news before hitting the road to catch the band tonight at Boonstock Festival in blazing hot Penticton, BC… my first of, ahem, seven TATE gigs in the next 90 days. (It’s all in the name of research – testing whether it’s indeed possible to O.D. on these toxins.)

Boonstock has been beset by problems in the weeks leading up to it. First, their contracted security firm pulled out less than a month before the gates opened, causing officials to scramble for a replacement. Then just a few days ago came word that the event had been denied a liquor license, causing a predictable backlash from many patrons. None of which takes any shine off it for me personally, but it will be interesting to see what changes organizers will implement as they look ahead to next year.

New Tunes to Debut… Tonight?

Tonight’s appearance before a relatively tiny festival crowd of 8,000 in an out-of-the-way Canadian beach town got a whole lot more interesting on Tuesday when TATE frontman Mikel Jollett tweeted this:

Though I have all my fingers and toes crossed that I’ll be witnessing the world debuts, I’m conscious of the fact that TATE also plays Lollapalooza this weekend, so it’s possible that will be the venue for these premieres. However, given the fact that tonight’s set is 60-minutes as opposed to 45 at Lolla, and that it provides a perfect opportunity to work out any kinks in the new material before taking it for a ride under the brighter lights of one of the world’s biggest festivals, odds seem pretty good that tonight’s the night. Whether or not this proves to be the case, check back later this weekend for our Boonstock review.

Lolla Live Stream and Chat

Some grand news for those who aren’t fortunate enough to be attending one of this weekend’s festivals: Lollapalooza is being live streamed in its entirety. This should give all TATE fans a chance to see what the band has up their sleeves for Album 4. Airborne’s set starts at 6pm Chicago time (4PT/7ET) on Sunday, and can be seen here (channel 3). If you’re interested in chatting with TATE fans from around the world as it happens, I invite you to join us over at the This Is Nowhere Facebook page, where we’ll be hosting a live Lolla chat.

Queen of the Tambourine

If you follow the band on social media, you’re no doubt aware that Miss Anna Bulbrook is currently embroiled in a heated battle royale for the crown of Favorite Tambourine Player, in a poll hosted by Philadelphia’s Radio 104.5. As of this writing, Anna looks to be in good shape to knock off Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches – but it’s no sure thing, so keep voting! A win will put her into the final, where it looks as though she would face off against Sarah Barthel of Phantogram. While calling Anna a tambourine player is a severe undersell, it would be a well-deserved honor for the multi-instrumentalist.

Anna Goes Arabian

Speaking of Anna’s diverse skill set, she recently lent her vocal prowess to her friends The Saint James Society, for their cover of “Arabian Nights” by Siouxsie and the Banshees, for the Indie Goes Pop compilation album. Buy the track here.


Whither Noah?

As we head into the second half of the summer, the question that seems to be on the lips of every fan of The Airborne Toxic Event is: “Where’s Noah?”

Although the band never publicly specified a time frame with regards to bassist Noah Harmon’s baby leave, the expectation among fans seemed to be that he would be back sometime around now. With nothing coming from the band’s camp as of yet, some are starting to wonder if he’s really coming back – in some cases, even to the point of holding off on purchasing show tickets, apparently.

We’re as in the dark as everybody else. But one would think we won’t have to wait too much longer for an answer. With the start of the fall tour now less than seven weeks away, it seems likely that some news will be forthcoming within the next month or so. Back away from the ledge, friends – and rest assured, whether it’s Noah or Adrian Rodriguez manning the bass come September, the tour will be well worth your money.

Once More Around the Block

Though the Basilica Block Party already seems like forever ago, some photos of TATE’s set recently surfaced on IDOBI.

“The Fifth Day” was so mind-blowing, especially as the song progressed into the outro and exploded into a myriad of colorful melodies and sounds in scintillating fashion. I feel my spirits lifted every time the song comes up on my playlist. – See more at:

Toxic Gold

Finally, for those who need some cheering up with regards to the Noah situation, watch him as he leads his bandmates in a quest for beer.

Glen, Fan of The Airborne Toxic EventGlen is the founder and editor of This Is Nowhere. He’s grateful for an understanding wife and kids who indulge his silly compulsion to chase a band all over the Pacific Northwest (and occasionally beyond) every time the opportunity arises.

  1. Re. Wither Noah

    Where has Noah Harmon gone?
    TATE fans miss him, everyone,
    Long time ago.



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