Exclusive First Look: The Airborne Toxic Event Fillmore Poster Series

Posted: September 17, 2014 in Clamoring of the Crowd
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Fans of The Airborne Toxic Event attending The Fillmore residency over the next three nights will be treated to more than just the best musical experience of their lives. They’ll also take home a little something extra when they leave.

Artist John Mavroudis has granted readers of This Is Nowhere an exclusive teaser of the first of three unique posters he’s created for the The Fillmore gigs. These posters will be given away for free to those in attendance.

You’ll have to wait until after tomorrow night’s show to see the full poster, but here’s a little hint to whet your appetite:

The Airborne Toxic Event Fillmore poster teaser

Thank you very much to John for sharing this with us. Please visit John’s website at www.zenpop.com.

  1. I’m counting down the minutes until the review is up tomorrow morning.


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