TATE-isms from the Fillmore

Posted: September 24, 2014 in 5's
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San Francisco. Photo by Tracey, Sept. 2014.

San Francisco. Photo by Tracey, Sept. 2014.

By Tracey

As I reflect upon my San Francisco Residency experience, I realize that I learned a whole new language while in San Francisco. Here are my top 5 TATE-isms:

1. TATE-cation

When you plan your yearly vacation around when/where TATE will be performing. Maybe you’ll travel across the country, maybe you’ll travel across the world; but there’s nothing better than planning your vacation by picking an interesting locale that you wouldn’t normally get to see with the added bonus that your favorite band just happens to be performing there. Sweet!

2. Left or Right?

This question is frequently asked when you are about to enter a venue for a TATE show. For the most part, fans get a completely different concert experience depending on which side of the stage they choose. Will you spend the evening on the left hand side of the stage with a prime view of Anna and Mikel (and an occasional Steven)? Or will you go to the right and admire Adrian’s flowy hair (perfected by an electric fan in a hot venue, trust me on this) and Steven’s newly acquired mandolin skills? Unfortunately, regardless of which side you choose, you’ll only occasionally get a view of the top of Daren’s hat rocking out on the drums. All TATE fans will agree: we need more Daren.

Angel Anna Bulbrook. Photo by Tracey, Fillmore Residency, Sept. 2014.

Angel Anna Bulbrook. Photo by Tracey, Fillmore Residency, Sept. 2014.

3. Angel Wings

A new game that TATE fans around the world will now partake in (this could get weird…). The object of the game is to get the best picture of a band member in front of the giant wings on the stage via TATE’s signature bird. This may require multiple takes, so get the storage capacity on your phone and camera ready. Was this planned?

4. Wrong

There are many things you can attach to this phrase, but for fans lucky enough to witness this in person, this may be the most fabulous piece of music since… well, the LAST most fabulous piece of music that TATE put out (I don’t like to pick favorite songs, it would be like saying you have a favorite child). “Wrong” is the brand new song that was debuted on the first night of the Residency and was played both nights thereafter. Summary: it will rock your face off.

5. Setlist/Pick Freaks

OK, we’ve all been there at least once where it’s been your mission in life to get your hands on that setlist or begin your collection of band member guitar picks. But, beware: it’s quite possible that the mega-fan behind you is willing to throw elbows to get that piece of swag. Protect yourself at all times. (This also applies to the time during “Does This Mean You’re Moving On” with all “the screaming and the jumping.” See what I did there? Song title with a beautiful random placement of a Mikel quote, all in one sentence. Perfection.)

In Summary: Get your booty to as many shows as possible on the Fall Tour. It’s going to be an AMAZING ride!

TraceyTracey lives near Akron, Ohio where she has a full-time career with the American Red Cross. When she’s not traveling near & far to rock out with her favorite bands, she’s running her creative business, Redesign on a Dime. Repurposing old items, painting, listening to music & being a science nerd top her list of favorite activities.

  1. Josie says:

    Oh gosh this is so true. I didn’t even realize this. But at least now I don’t feel so alone in my craziness.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rebecca says:

    I went through all these things when I saw them in Tempe on Monday night. #1 I’m too short to catch anything so there needs to be some special seating for us. #2 I was totally thinking about every band member and wings! Daren is gonna be hard to get a pic of that’s for sure. #3 I love all the screaming an jumping when Mikel joins us!! That alone is worth buying the ticket for! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Susan S. says:

    Fun article. I’ve been whispering “TATEapalooza” in my head — when the band comes up with a one-band extravaganza!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ben says:

    Wrong needs to be a single. Like, now, so that we get a studio-recorded version of it. I honestly believe it could be their biggest hit since Midnight.

    Liked by 1 person

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