Stream “Wrong,” the Lead Single From The Airborne Toxic Event’s 4th Album Dope Machines

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Toxicity
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Wrong, from The Airborne Toxic Event's album Dope MachinesSan Diego’s Radio 91X is now streaming “Wrong,” the new single from The Airborne Toxic Event. In doing so, they have also unveiled the artwork for the single, while casually dropping the news that TATE’s upcoming fourth album will be titled Dope Machines.

The track appears to be a radio edit, with about 15-seconds cut from the version that debuted 10 days ago on Philly’s 104.5 FM. The time has been cut from the instrumental segment leading into the final chorus. Time will tell if the official single/album version has that portion restored, or if this is another situation like “The Secret,” which was permanently edited down prior to release.

Stream “Wrong” here.

  1. Sometimes says:

    it is a shame that the chorus in the live version was very energetic, but this version is very different, and I think a little bit boring, compared to the live version and other work of TATE


  2. Nick says:

    I can’t wait to dance to this at the night clubs.


  3. The track is extremely reminiscent of the proposed original rendition of Numb that was found on Mikel’s SoundCloud. If we really want to dig back even further in time, the album version of Innocence dipped the band’s toes into an experimental sound with the electro-pop synth bursting out riffs as a distorted guitar played along with it. The intro to Changing is also a tease to this newer electric sound. The electro-pop sound probably isn’t unfamiliar with the members of TATE, but to us, the fans, who are more familiar with their hard/folk/indie rock, the new sound will either be welcomed or rejected with heavy hearts and passions.

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  4. Angela Fuller says:

    I can’t stop listening to this!! I have it on repeat. I really love the new sound. Sure I miss the guitars and Anna’s violin, but this just makes me want to dance. I cannot wait for the whole album.

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  5. mlh954 says:

    ah I can’t wait to hear TATE play Wrong in Chicago on the 18th! counting down the days!!

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