Toxicity 51: The Great TATE Link Dump

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Toxicity
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The Airborne Toxic EventBy Glen

I really cannot thank you enough for the outpouring of love and support for my family this week, after I shared the news of our daughter’s illness. I am, quite frankly, gobsmacked by the generosity of this wonderful little community. I am so grateful for each and every kind word, e-mail and offer of practical help that we have received. TIN readers are the best readers!

As promised, This Is Nowhere’s usual, carefully-planned publishing schedule is now out the window as I squeeze it into whatever crevices remain in my daily calendar after meeting the needs of family, work, real life and sleep. Exhibit A: this week’s Toxicity, which besides being 3 days late, is basically just a gigantic link dump. Frankly, I haven’t had time to read most of this stuff, let alone comment intelligently on it. But here for your clicking pleasure is the latest in Airborne Toxic Event news.

Wrong Release Date, but the Single is Out

TATE’s carefully planned social media countdown to the release of their new single “Wrong” was undercut when the song unexpectedly appeared in digital music stores around the web 24-hours early, when the clock struck midnight (ET) on Monday, Oct. 27. Still not sure how or why it came out early, but there were certainly no complaints from this corner. Click here to purchase “Wrong” from iTunes. And here’s the official press release for the single, which promises that details on the release of the new album Dope Machines will be unveiled very soon.

Inside the Mind of Mikel Jollett

If you’re looking for insight into Mikel’s state of mind of late, there’s no shortage of recent fodder.

The singer returned to Facebook last week for another fun and informative “Ask Me Anything” session, in which he patiently spent over two hours responding to every question under the sun. Of particular interest for me was the revelation of a new song title from Dope Machines: “Something You Lost,” bringing to four the number of tracks with confirmed titles. (“The Fall of Rome” will not be on the official album, though it is expected to be released in some form.)

Friend of TIN Cornel Bonca, who has taught White Noise for years as an English professor and spent time with each of the band members during the Fillmore residency, published a 5,600 word piece for the Los Angeles Review of Books. Focusing especially on Mikel’s literary background, the article spans the career of TATE right up to Dope Machines and is a must read.

Mikel hooked up with KSLG radio prior to the Sacramento show for an interview that you can listen to here. He said that he would guess that the album will come out in late January or February. That’s good to hear, since Such Hot Blood‘s “early 2013” release turned out to be the end of April.

With the band due to visit Aspen, CO later this week, Mikel also interviewed with Aspen Daily News. He continued to pound a drum that he’s been beating on and off stage of late: namely, that he doesn’t really care what anyone thinks about the band’s change in musical direction:

We are not a franchise. We’re artists. We’re just a group of musicians playing music. Sometimes that music is on acoustic guitars and sometimes it is on a bunch of crazy keyboards… Being an artist – you make stuff that makes the hair on your neck stand up. Sometimes that means a whispering folk song and sometimes that means a bunch of loud dance instruments. I find it really weird that people can’t wrap their head around the fact that as a musician you would want to make more than one type of music… We are not trying to get big. I don’t f—ing care if we get big or not.

Meanwhile, Mikel also praised his bandmates and discussed the intensity of his recent songwriting with Amanda Keelor of AXS. And finally, on the lighter side of things, Mikel, Anna and Adrian’s recent “Loveline” appearance is now available as a podcast.

From the Multi-Talented Baker

Susan, The Airborne Toxic Baker, has been particularly busy of late. First, she expanded her TATE cookie collection to include everyone’s favorite roadie, the one and only Hoogie. Then, she wrote a horrifying piece on why TATE’s Seattle show might have been her last (but I’m betting it won’t be). Finally, she reflected on how a great concert – and a TATE show in particular – can obscure the stuff of real life.

Lonely No More

Dope Machines isn’t the only imminent release from The Airborne Toxic Event. They are also part of The Art of McCartney project releasing Nov. 18. Here’s a preview of TATE’s cover of the Macca classic “No More Lonely Nights.”

Odds and Ends

TATE has announced another holiday show, this one on Dec. 16 in Providence, RI. This makes up for the cancelled Pawtucket gig last month. Also, Anna announced that she appears on the score by Ronen Landa for Nicholas McCarthy’s feature At the Devil’s Door.

Tour Round-Up

An avalanche of pics and reviews from TATE’s recent tour stops.

  • Reaching a bit further back, new reviews were posted from Philly and Chicago, and more pictures from Lansing.

Toxic Gold

The Airborne Toxic Event fan community was abuzz a week ago after the Seattle encore, when Mikel became just a little frustrated with a recalcitrant guitar and… well… see for yourself. (Video courtesy of one of our favorite TATE photographers, Elva.)

Glen, Fan of The Airborne Toxic EventGlen is the founder and editor of This Is Nowhere. He’s grateful for an understanding wife and kids who indulge his silly compulsion to chase a band all over the Pacific Northwest (and occasionally beyond) every time the opportunity arises.

  1. Susan says:

    Oh G-Man Superfan you are always too good to me.


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