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Posted: December 5, 2014 in A Little Less Profound
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Airborne Toxic Event tattooBy Melissa

I remember the first time I heard “Sometime Around Midnight.” I was driving home from Denver and I could barely make out the song on my cheap car radio, but I was instantly hooked. Years later, I still get chills when that song, or any Airborne song, comes on the radio. All their CDs are preloaded in my car and the majority of my time I am listening to them. In fact, I am listening to them right now.

I have been to nine shows all over Colorado since 2009 and I have had the privilege of meeting all the band members when they first started out. I remember thinking they were the most down to earth rock stars I have ever met. In fact, when my dad was getting a picture with Anna she kept asking everyone if they had seen her cousin, like we all knew him. I came out of the hall to get a poster from the fan table and there were Noah and Steven! They took the time to talk to me before the show, and I always try to stay after to talk to Mikel and Anna.

Over the years, our beloved TATE has grown into such an amazing powerhouse of music. I have listened to each song and almost always am able to pick out a verse that I can relate to. In fact, I have a very unique tattoo on my back that shares lyrics from both “All I Ever Wanted” and “The Graveyard Near The House.” But I am writing this not to relate to a certain lyric, but to express how The Airborne Toxic Event has helped me through the hardest three months of my life.

The last three months I have been living in my own personal hell. I have been suffering from an unknown disease and doctors are lost in trying to diagnose me. I have become a sheltered form of myself, afraid to be around people and socialize in public places. I have lost a significant amount of weight and in three months I have been sent to the emergency room twice. It is hard at times, but I try to remain hopeful that soon we will figure out what is causing my symptoms and will find a cure…

One might ask, “Well that’s terrible, but how does it relate to The Airborne Toxic Event?” Well… in a very large way. First, I am reminded of Mikel’s personal struggles he has dealt with all his life. He doesn’t complain about his health issues, or the loss of family members; he uses that to make him stronger. For this, I look up to him as a role model on how I should live my life with this unknown disease.

The main reason that The Airborne Toxic Event has helped me occurred on a Thursday night in Denver at the Ogden Theater with my husband and all the friends I have made from shows over the years. There is something so meaningful in going to a concert and talking to others who have sang and danced and jumped alongside you at other shows. Before the show began, we traded stories of our meetings with band mates, showed off tattoos and tried to see what songs will be played.

The show on November 6th changed my outlook on my unresolved health issues. For a few hours I was able to forget all that has plagued me and I just danced, sang, cried (when they played “Duet” and “A Letter To Georgia”… How could you not!) and was overjoyed when they played “This Losing,” which a fun fact is that I walked down the aisle at my wedding to the orchestra solo from the All I Ever Wanted DVD. That was a very special moment for my husband and me. I was more myself that night then I has been in the last three months, and that is what TATE does. They bring this passion, energy and emotion to their shows that is unmatched. As I stated previously, I have been to nine shows, and I’ll go to ninety more if I have the chance. There is something so real about their performance.

Since that night, I have had a different outlook on my health. I no longer let my sickness control me. If I start to get sad or alone, I listen to a song from their amazing collection and I reminisce back to that night and remember how I felt and how important that feeling is.

Thank you, TATE, for making such a difference in my life. They play these shows night after night not because they have to, but because they are passionate for what they do. They show that passion with every show and for this I am truly grateful. They deserve every bit of success they have earned and more. I will always see them when they come to Colorado to experience pure magic and passion and will buy every record they create.

TATE fan MelissaMelissa lives in Colorado Springs, CO. When she’s not listening to TATE she works for Wounded Warrior Project. She’s a huge Airborne Toxic Event fan… obviously!

  1. Susan S. says:

    Thank you for sharing your personal story. I hope you find some answers to your medical issues. My husband and I flew into Denver from Philly to see the 2 Ogden shows. They were fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Diane says:

    Thank you for this blog…. I just love it. I feel the same as you do about TATE. I’m so sorry you’re sick, and I send you healing thoughts for a resolution to it.

    Liked by 1 person

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