Must See: The Airborne Toxic Event Releases “Wrong” Video

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Toxicity
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The Airborne Toxic Event has released the music video for “Wrong,” the first single from their upcoming album, Dope Machines. And it’s spectacular.

  1. The video compliments the song extremely well. I love it.

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  2. Tom S. says:

    I agree, the video enhances the song in so many ways.

    I think the creepy shot of Steven in the audience might explain Mikel’s somewhat scared expression at the start of the video.


  3. pugsma says:

    Very disappointed in the video. Here is the deal. I saw TATE perform “Wrong” live in Chicago on October 18th. It was not the synthesized, techno version that was released as the single, but rather a live version based on real guitars and drums played by Mikel, Steven, Adrian and Daren. The music video is the techno version but uses live footage of TATE performing the live version we all witnessed this fall during the tour (which is much better IMHO by the way) and is completely out of sync with real instruments shown in the video. It’s and Epic Fail in my opinion.


    • treendabean says:

      I had the opposite reaction. I think the use of out-of-sync footage of the live performance, along with the stuttering, flashing, disjointed, herky-jerky sequences, worked to create a video that suggests the dream state they’re trying to convey.

      I liked the live performance, and I really liked the acoustic version, but after viewing this video something just clicked, like I really got what they were going for with this song and found it had increased my appreciation of the studio version of Wrong. Now,it’s not a perfect video by any means – a couple spots where things aren’t quite right, but it was made by a novice director so I”m not expecting everything to be spot on – but overall, I thought their choices in imagery worked.

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