New at This Is Nowhere: The Airborne Toxic Event Lyrics Collection

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Uncategorized
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The Airborne Toxic Event Lyrics CollectionWe’re very excited today to officially launch a brand new feature here at This Is Nowhere: the complete Airborne Toxic Event lyrics collection.

For the first time, lyrics to all Airborne songs – official releases, b-sides, singles, covers and unreleased – have been gathered together in one place for easy reference. Whenever possible (ie. for all the studio albums other than Songs of God and Whiskey), the official lyrics have been used; for Songs of God and Whiskey and other tracks for which official lyrics have never been published, the songs have been very carefully transcribed by fans of The Airborne Toxic Event (thank you to Julie, Adinda, Stephanie and Jennifer for your invaluable assistance with this).

We believe we now have the most accurate TATE lyrics collection available anywhere. A few uncertainties remain on some of the transcribed songs, and we welcome you to leave suggested corrections in the comments on each song page.

Enjoy exploring the most profound lyrical compositions in music today!

  1. bluesboots says:

    Thanks for putting this together!!!


  2. Happy Fan says:

    Many thanks, indeed!


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