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Posted: April 17, 2015 in Toxicity
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Lady in Pink: Anna Bulbrook of The Airborne Toxic Event unveils her latest look.

Lady in Pink: Anna Bulbrook of The Airborne Toxic Event unveils her latest look.

By Glen

And just like that, we’re a mere weekend away from the end of The Airborne Toxic Event’s European tour. With just a handful of scattered gigs on the calendar after that, it could be that we’re headed for some quiet times in TATEland. On the other hand, a fall tour sounds like a certainty, and last year’s fall tour was announced on May 12 – so perhaps the Next Big News is just around the corner…

A Circus of Music

With The Airborne Toxic Event set to hit South Africa for the first time on their way home from Europe, that country’s music scene has taken a keen interest in the band. Mikel Jollett has spoken with a number of South African media outlets of late, the most recent being So Much Music. The band is was looking forward to the experience. (Ed. Note: after this article was written, word came down that Freedom Festival has been postponed.)

We’ve heard that the crowds go completely nuts in South Africa and we’re so glad that we get to come there and play for you guys. The response we get… it’s special when you feel something when a band plays and it’s something you can’t control. Lots of people from South Africa have been wanting us to play there for a long time and well, we’ll see how it turns out.

Along with the obligatory retelling of the origins of the band and the source of their name, Mikel shared some thoughts on the value of vinyl:

It’s a story, and vinyl invites you to be part of that world for the entirety of the album. You are asked to spend an hour or however long with these people who have written these stories.

One wonders if the band’s recent interest in presenting full albums in sequence on stage stems from the same desire for their work to be absorbed in its intended context.

Meanwhile, the singer also chatted with X96 ahead of TATE’s May 8th appearance at the X96 Big Ass Show. Calling from Europe, he spoke about the oddity of being embraced in Europe before they broke through in their own nation. He also told a story from back in the days when drummer Daren Taylor used to play a car hood on stage.

One of the things we had was Daren, in addition to playing the drums, he used to play a car hood on stage. And every time we played a show, we had this truck and he had to load this big car hood. We got it at a junkyard one day, we went out to a junkyard and we found a car hood – I want to say it was from an RX-7 or some junky-ass car – and we loaded it up, and he had to unload it at every show. And he used to come to me all the time, like, “Listen man, I get the whole art thing, I get that we’re not a traditional rock band or whatever, but can I just play some damn cymbals or something?

The radio hosts offered to bring a hood to the Big Ass Show, so who knows – if you’re attending that party, you might get to experience a throwback with Daren bashing away on it.

Philly Block Party Tickets

For those hoping the catch Airborne at Philly’s 104.5 Block Party next month, it sounds as though securing tickets is easier said than done. However, a few area establishments will be giving away tickets towards the end of the month. In addition, we’re told that Ticketmaster will be offering a ticket download at an unknown date and time. Keep an eye on this link; apparently at the appointed time, it will have what you’re looking for.

“Come Unwound” Remixed

While we await more music from Anna Bulbrook’s new band The Bulls, their first single, “Come Unwound,” has received the remix treatment from Anna’s friend White Sea (Morgan Kibby). Says Anna:

I’ve known Morgan from when we were babies, before the M83 days. She’s one of the first people I ever wrote music with, and she has always encouraged me to keep going. When I heard her remix of this song, with her inimitable orchestration and especially the part where she added her voice to mine, I might have cried a little bit. Her take on it is so beautiful; I only wish I’d thought of it.

The remix is an eclectic mix of strings and synths; sort of a symphony-meets-Dope-Machines piece. Have a listen:

Road Coverage

Not much coverage coming out of Europe this week, but if you happen to be able to read German, here’s a review of the Köln gig. And Getty Images captured TATE’s return to Koko, London.

Toxic Gold:

TATE fan Kenny uploaded a number of videos from the sweatfest that was Manchester. Here’s “Innocence.”

Glen, Fan of The Airborne Toxic EventGlen is the founder and editor of This Is Nowhere. He’s grateful for an understanding wife and kids who indulge his silly compulsion to chase a band all over the Pacific Northwest (and occasionally beyond) every time the opportunity arises.


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