Toxicity 78: Whiskey Machine

Posted: June 26, 2015 in Toxicity
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The Airborne Toxic Event's Whiskey Machine TourBy Glen

On the heels of last week’s “Unsolved Mysteries” Toxicity, in which we provided more questions than answers, this week some of the blanks were filled in. The Airborne Toxic Event gave us something to look forward to in the fall, and a little something else to satisfy our appetite in the meantime.

The Whiskey Machine Starts its Engines

Questions as to whether The Airborne Toxic Event would tour this fall did not remain unanswered for long, as the band released ten dates for the so-called “Whiskey Machine Tour” on Monday.

The schedule includes a number of east coast stops in late September, and a trio of mid-October west coast(ish) gigs. These headline gigs are mixed in amongst previously announced festival appearances along with one new one at Atlanta’s Midtown Music Festival.

While the announcement was greeted with predictable elation by fans in the lucky markets, it elicited disappointment from those whose cities are not on the list, or who are seemingly only slated for a shortened festival set rather than the full tour experience.

But fear not: the band promises that there are more dates to come. One would imagine that the gaping hole between the September and October dates will be filled, and the tour could well extend beyond its currently announced Oct. 22 finale in Los Angeles.

Keep in mind, the fact that the band is playing festivals in Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta and Toronto does not necessarily preclude them from adding club shows in those areas soon after. Some festivals prohibit artists from announcing headlining gigs in the same city until after the festival, to guard against fans forgoing the festival in favor of the dedicated gig. The same thing occurred last year when Airborne announced their Fall 2014 tour. Milwaukee and Minneapolis were absent from the initial itinerary, but when TATE played festivals in those cities in early July, they announced fall dates from the stage, with the official announcements and ticket on-sales following days later.

In this case, the festivals are scheduled for much later in the summer, so if indeed this is the reason for delayed announcements, we may be waiting awhile for confirmation. Or, I could be talking out of my ass, and there will be no headlining gigs in those cities. But it’s hard to imagine the band skipping some of their favorite markets on the tour proper.

And of course, there are plenty of frequently visited cities (*cough* Vancouver *cough*) that are not yet getting either a festival or a club gig; chances are most of us will be satisfied by the time the final plans are crystallized. Which is to say: patience, friends.

“One Time Thing” Bombastic

The other mystery to receive swift resolution in the past few days was the “One Time Thing” Bombastic video, which tantalizingly cropped up in Germany several days before finally receiving worldwide release through YouTube in the wee hours Monday morning. As you can see, it was well worth the wait; it has quickly taken its place among my very favorite TATE acoustics.

Anna Bulbrook and The Bulls shoot a video for new single

Anna Bulbrook and The Bulls shoot a video for new single “Small Problems.”

Big Shoot for Small Problems

While The Airborne Toxic Event takes a breather before returning to action in late July, Anna Bulbrook has been free to focus on her work with the Bulls – specifically, shooting what looks to be a gorgeous video for the band’s second single, “Small Problems.” No word yet when the video will drop, but in combination with first single “Come Unwound,” it is clear that the Bulls’ debut project will be grand.

Big Ass Review

The Big Ass Show seems forever ago, but it’s not too late for a review by Music of a Madwoman: “I have honestly never heard a song by them I haven’t liked, and that’s really difficult for me because even my favorite bands have songs I just can’t stand. Each song is so unique and they all have such amazing lyrics. This band is so great to watch simply because of the fact that each member is so talented and it’s very difficult to find a band where each member can come together to create something so beautiful.”

Toxic Gold

My 20th wedding anniversary is just a few weeks away, so I guess I’m feeling romantic or nostalgic or something. This week’s Toxic Gold takes us back to 2011’s session for “All for a Woman” (preceded by a brief interview segment).

Glen, Fan of The Airborne Toxic EventGlen is the founder and editor of This Is Nowhere. He’s grateful for an understanding wife and kids who indulge his silly compulsion to chase a band all over the Pacific Northwest (and occasionally beyond) every time the opportunity arises.

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