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Posted: September 11, 2015 in Toxicity
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Daren Taylor of The Airborne Toxic Event wowed the Bumbershoot crowd with his patented drum solo. Photo by Creative Copper Images.

Daren Taylor of The Airborne Toxic Event wowed the Bumbershoot crowd with his patented drum solo. Photo by Creative Copper Images.

By Glen

The Airborne Toxic Event is easing into their Whiskey Machine Tour, warming up with a festival show each weekend for several weeks before turning things up a notch later in the month. While you wait for that, here’s the latest in TATE happenings.

A Choice Contest

As you probably already know, the band made a splash earlier this week by upping the stakes on their “One Time Thing” Shazam contest. Rather than winning “just” a meet and greet, fans are now forsaking work, family and other “priorities” in order to out-Shazam one another, in the hopes of scoring tickets to a private show – and for the most dedicated among them, the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to choose the setlist.

Unfortunately, the contest is only open to those in the Philadelphia area (or, more accurately, those who are able to get themselves to Philadelphia for the gig that will presumably take place around Sept. 26th, when they are in town for their scheduled show). And so, alas, my personal Airborne fantasy will remain just that.

The Ultimate Airborne Album: Fans’ Choice

Speaking of fantasies, a couple weeks ago I killed some time by assembling my ultimate Airborne Toxic Event album, by choosing my favorite opening track from their five studio albums, my favorite Track 2, etc. Many of you played along and registered your votes (big thanks to all who did!). Here are the results: the Fans’ Choice Ultimate TATE Album.

  1. All At Once
  2. Numb
  3. Gasoline
  4. Happiness is Overrated
  5. Does This Mean You’re Moving On?
  6. Bride and Groom
  7. Sometime Around Midnight
  8. Half of Something Else
  9. Missy
  10. Innocence
  11. The Graveyard Near the House
  12. This Losing
  13. The Way Home

Hmm… Perhaps this is why the band feels compelled to major on the first two albums in most of their live shows? I’m surprised by the lack of love here for the two latest releases, though it’s hard to compete with the songs that have taken hold in our lives over the past eight years. But, it should be noted that songs from Dope Machines and Songs of God and Whiskey finished in second place in six of the ten tracks for which they were eligible.

The biggest landslide, not surprisingly, was “Sometime Around Midnight,” which garnered a whopping 80% of the vote as the best Track 7. Track 10 was the closest battle between two songs, with “Innocence” edging out “All I Ever Wanted” by just one vote. Track 2 was the most even showdown across the board, with each of the five songs getting between 15-29% of the vote.

All of this is just a warm-up for the 2nd Airborne Toxic Event Fan Survey – coming to you this Tuesday! Here’s a look back at the first edition.

Shooting Bumbershoot

Back to the actual news. The Airborne Toxic’s festival stop last weekend was at Seattle’s Bumbershoot. We reviewed the soggy show here. The set was captured on camera by Jennifer McInnis of Creative Copper Images, whose work is regularly featured here at This Is Nowhere (Jenn also wrote her own brief review of TATE’s performance, and others). City Arts Online also published a photo gallery.

Meanwhile, TATE fan Elva pulled off what I believe is an Airborne first, broadcasting the entire set live from her phone, on Periscope. Her recording is now on YouTube. If others feel so inclined to get in on the Periscope craze during the upcoming tour, please give us a heads up and we’ll spread the word. It’s a great way for fans to be able to connect and participate in the fun when they aren’t fortunate enough to be in attendance themselves.

The Perfect Son; the Perfect Playlist

A couple months ago, Barbara Claypole White published her latest novel, The Perfect Son. TIN reader Deborah brought to our attention that the book includes a recommended listening list – and guess which band appears on said list more than any other? The Airborne Toxic Event scored four songs: “The Fifth Day,” “This is London,” “The Way Home” and “The Graveyard Near the House.” I haven’t read the book, but you can’t go far wrong when you’re inspired by these lyrical gems. Here’s a description of the book in case you’re interested:

From a distance, Felix Fitzwilliam, the son of an old English family, is a good husband and father. But, obsessed with order and routine, he’s a prisoner to perfection. Disengaged from the emotional life of his North Carolina family, Felix has let his wife, Ella, deal with their special-needs son by herself.

A talented jewelry designer turned full-time mother, Ella is the family rock…until her heart attack shatters their carefully structured existence. Now Harry, a gifted teen grappling with the chaos of Tourette’s, confronts a world outside his parents’ control, one that tests his desire for independence.

As Harry searches for his future, and Ella adapts to the limits of her failing health, Felix struggles with his past and present roles. To prevent the family from being ripped apart, they must each bend with the inevitability of change and reinforce the ties that bind.

Toxic Gold

As fans daydream about picking The Airborne Toxic Event’s setlist, one track that’s getting frequently mentioned is “Tokyo Radio.” Here’s a rare live performance, captured by Julie in 2010.

GlenGlen is the founder and editor of This Is Nowhere. He’s grateful for an understanding wife and kids who indulge his silly compulsion to chase a band all over the Pacific Northwest (and occasionally beyond) every time the opportunity arises.


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