The Shazam Winners’ Airborne Toxic Wishlist

Posted: September 26, 2015 in Clamoring of the Crowd
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Steven Chen and The Airborne Toxic Event: ready to bust out some rarities tonight in Philly. Photo by Creative Copper Images.

Steven Chen and The Airborne Toxic Event: ready to bust out some rarities tonight in Philly. Photo by Creative Copper Images.

On Thursday we shared that Bill Barrish, who had won the right to choose the setlist for tonight’s invitation-only pre-show party with The Airborne Toxic Event, had generously decided to share his prize with the other 19 fans who won their way into the exclusive performance.

Bill was given just four hours to submit his picks, so we didn’t have long to track down the other winners. In the end, nine fans (in addition to Bill) got to have their say. Here’s what they chose, and why:

1. Missy/Folsom Prison Blues/Born in the USA/Missy

Bill: I chose a Missy Medley. There is no better way to close any concert/rock show (in my opinion) than the way Airborne does. I chose Folsom Prison Blues/Born in The USA. Folsom Prison has great energy, and I love Steven’s guitar playing during the song. And Born in the USA – I’m a huge Bruce fan, and we are in Philly!

2. Tokyo Radio

Sean and Veronica: We love the band and have seen every song live except this. We would go to Antartica to watch if they were playing it there.

3. Strangers

Dan: No really special reason for it, but my favorite songs are pretty much certain to be in the main setlist, and this is the song I’d most like to hear live from Songs of God and Whiskey.

4. Papillon

Sarah K.: I know it’s a strange request but it was one of the first songs that truly made me a devoted Airborne fan. It is such a throw back to The Violent Femmes and sounds like no one else on the radio. It puts them in a genre all of their own.

5. The Thing About Dreams

Patrick: Very simply put, this song is a very powerful song and when I first heard it on Dope Machines, I fell in love with it. Everything about this song is just amazing.

6. A Letter to Georgia

Lalena: The only time I’ve seen this song performed live is on the Yahoo broadcast from the Fillmore last year. As my personal favorite TATE song, I know how it brought me to tears then, and I get chills thinking of the chance to see it really live. If it makes the list I promise to bring tissues. 

7. This Losing

Cindy chose This Losing after being informed that her first choice, Strangers, was already on the list.

8. It Doesn’t Mean a Thing

Kate: To me it captures that ideal spirit of youth and relationships where you might not have any of your shit together but you’re gonna take that leap anyway. It’s messy, it’s irrational, it’s a very punk rock type of love.

9. Duet

Sarah M.: I decided not to overthink this (like I do everything) and the song that I want to submit is one of the first ones that came to mind: Duet. I think it’s just such a beautiful song and it gives me chills every time. That happens to occur with a lot of their music, but Duet is so rarely played and I’m not sure if I’d ever get to hear it at one of their shows without this opportunity. It’s one of my favorites to sing and play on guitar as well, and I’d probably cry if I got the opportunity to see it played. There’s so much beauty in that song and it’s the kind I wish I could create.

10. I Don’t Want to Be on TV

Julie: The reason I chose this obscure old chestnut? Because I once asked Mikel if they could play it, and he burst out laughing and said they hadn’t played it in years and would never be able to remember it. That was at the Origins Pianos show, in 2011. I’d love to see this live. I immediately loved this song and Mikel’s delivery, as it reminds me so much of another big favorite of mine, David Bowie. Airborne, consider this a dare!

And rounding out the wishlist with a few additional choices from Bill:

11. Innocence

12. Fifth Day

13. Something New

14. Timeless

15. The Secret

Time will not allow for all of these songs to be played. Bill decided to give the band more songs than they needed and allow them to pick which ones they want to perform. So far, things are looking good for Missy/Folsom, which closed the show in New York City on Thursday night, Tokyo Radio, which was soundchecked yesterday in Boston, as well as Georgia, Dreams and This Losing, all of which made last night’s show.

Stay tuned for Bill’s report after the big party!

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