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Posted: October 9, 2015 in Toxicity
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Anna Bulbrook: hardest working woman in show business? Photo from Anna's Instagram.

Anna Bulbrook: hardest working woman in show business? Photo from Anna’s Instagram.

By Glen

With The Airborne Toxic Event taking a breather before finishing up their brief Whiskey Machine Tour with three shows starting next weekend, this week’s Toxicity is brought to you by Anna Bulbrook, who is singlehandedly responsible for all of this week’s TATE”ish” news. A couple days ago on Twitter, Anna suggested that it’s good to “do things as opposed to not-doing things,” and she’s certainly been practicing what she preaches.

Is the Rumor True?

This past summer, Anna and her Bulls bandmate Marc Sallis filmed a pair of videos for their songs “Small Problems” and “Rumors.” While we have yet to see the former, the latter was released on Wednesday on Culture Collide. The piece, which Anna has described as a “motion portrait” and “degraded portraiture,” is essentially a 4-minute study of Anna’s near motionless face, as the camera pans around her, passing in and out of shadows, drifting in and out of focus, at times presenting a woman who seems to be at peace, and at others revealing what appears to be deep bruising. It is at once haunting and mesmerizing.

Live Starring Anna

When The Airborne Toxic Event swung through Buffalo last month, Anna took some time out for a brief chat with Live Starring You.

Anna, who confirms that she’ll be spending the bulk of what remains of 2015 working on The Bulls’ upcoming full length release, lays the blame for her fixation on the violin squarely on her brother. “My older brother played violin first, and when I was four I wanted to do everything he did!” To which we say, thank you, Andrew Bulbrook.

She also addresses the issue of fame – which, much like happiness, turns out to be overrated. “I don’t know if I would call [Airborne] famous,” she says. “For us, I’m just one of five people and if someone’s heard a song, it doesn’t mean they know what we all look like. So for me, it doesn’t really feel like fame. Being in a band is much more modest and normal, simple day to day.”

And finally, she shares a fun story from the road: “One time my violin was sitting on top of an amplifier, and the vibrations of the stage shook the violin off and it smashed. I had to get it fixed by the next day, because we had a big festival in England to play. I had to take a cab through a crazy street festival… I dropped it off with a kind of wisened ‘Harry Potter’ esque old man. It worked out, but the glue was still drying while I was playing it!”

Throwing Shade

Next up, because she’s clearly not busy enough, Anna announced that she will be performing as a vocalist in the upcoming live premiere of M83’s ambient record Digital Shades (vol. 1). Described on the Facebook event page as a “Brian Eno-inspired work [which] will have its debut performance, arranged for string ensemble, electronics, and voice. The program will trace ambient music’s roots in the music of John Cage and its influence on current composers Ingram Marshall, Michael Gordon, and Missy Mazzoli.” If you’re in Los Angeles November 14, it sounds well worth checking out.

Scoping Out the Latest in Social Media

If you’re not familiar with Periscope, it’s a mobile app that allows users to stream live video, while followers watch and comment in real time. Anna joined Periscope a couple weeks ago, and has already broadcast a few clips, including a few moments with TATE bandmate Steven Chen as the pair prepared to take in The Martian at a local movie theater. Steven recently opened his own Periscope account, joining Adrian Rodriguez and the official band account. No sign yet of Mikel Jollett or Daren Taylor.

Toxic Gold

We’ll close this Bulbrook-centric edition of Toxicity with another Bulls video that hit the Interwebz this week, a live performance of “Come Unwound” filmed for Blind Blind Tiger.

GlenGlen is the founder and editor of This Is Nowhere. He’s grateful for an understanding wife and kids who indulge his silly compulsion to chase a band all over the Pacific Northwest (and occasionally beyond) every time the opportunity arises.


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