Aug. 24, 2013: Big Ass Show, Gallivan Center, Salt Lake City, UT

Does This Mean You’re Moving On?
Wishing Well
All I Ever Wanted
Sometime Around Midnight
Missy/Ring of Fire/American Girl/Missy

  1. From fan Ange Williams Barton: A few quick comments from the SLC show last night: It was a great show. It started out a bit unusual as there was a rain delay right before they went on. Then Mikel was having some troubles with his guitar. It made Changing sound different and “off”. During the rain delay the crowd was chanting “Rain or Shine”, and when Mikel got to the end of Changing he started chanting “Rain or Shine” for the last bit of the song. They did some of their traditional “stall tactics” to buy some time to fix Mikel’s guitar (like all went on up to Darin’s drums and had a little drum session). That actually got the crowd going quite a bit. It took a little bit to get Mike’s guitar back to normal but the crowd was loving everything they were doing, so it was working for them. Guitar was back to normal by Wishing Well, and the rest of the show was amazing and usual for TATE. WE got some crowd surfing by Anna and at one point Mikel took his microphone stand and put it out in the crowd, which resulted in a quick grab for some of the picks on the pick holder. When the stand came back up it was “picked clean”. Energy in the crowd was high and everyone at the show seemed to enjoy their set. Also at the Big Ass Show was Capitol Cities, Panic! at the Disco, Ed K (from Live), Blue October, Family of the Year, Pepper, Brogan Kelby and SolarSuit ( a local SLC band). Panic! was the headlining band and TATE played 2 spots in front of them.


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