Mar. 2, 2009: Mr. Smalls, Pittsburgh, PA

Wishing Well
Happiness is Overrated
Echo Park
The Girls in Their Summer Dresses
A Letter to Georgia
Goodbye Horses
This is Nowhere
Sometime Around Midnight


Does This Mean You’re Moving On?

  1. […] I get really close to the stage; about 3 people deep. Once they come out, it’s obvious this show wouldn’t have the energy last night’s show did. But what it lacked in energy, it made up for in intimacy. This was like a private show amongst friends. The set list is the same as last night, save one extra song in the middle. I’m struck by how much these people care for each other and truly love what they’re doing. It’s especially gratifying to see Anna dancing and smiling given the fact she was hesitant to join a pop band in the first place. I loved seeing Mikel’s expressions when he sang these songs I’ve heard him sing so many times before. I was so close I could sometimes actually hear his pick grating against the strings. It was great to see Noah playing his bass with a bow, which I had missed the previous night in Columbus. Daren’s drum solo at the beginning of the encore was amazing. They ended with “Missy” again. (Click here for setlist.) […]


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