The Airborne Toxic Event Setlist, Apr. 18, 2015: Garage, Glasgow, UK

One Time Thing
Hell and Back
Happiness is Overrated
Poor Isaac (*world premiere)
Welcome to Your Wedding Day
Wishing Well
Sometime Around Midnight
All I Ever Wanted


Does This Mean You’re Moving On?
Missy/I Fought the Law/Missy

Notes: Cocaine and Abel was also setlisted for a world premiere, but it was skipped. California and Elizabeth were scratched from the start of the encore, with Papillon added.

  1. […] entertaining personal spin on her review of the happenings at the tour’s penultimate stop in Glasgow. “On the first song of the encore (I’m sorry, I have completely forgotten what it was. It […]


  2. […] So, as a gig photographer, I was keen to photograph the band live. Efforts on previous tours hadn’t been great – the band often play in very low light. I’d known that most of the venues would be poor lighting, I’d expected London to have the biggest interest from other press, so I’d put in my request for Dublin. The lighting had been great there 18 months before. The morning of my flight to Glasgow I still hadn’t had confirmation of a photopass. A friend offered to help chase for me. However, as she was on a different day to me, when I said “tomorrow’s gig” there was a misunderstanding and I was granted a pass for The Garage, Glasgow. […]


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