The Airborne Toxic Event Setlist, May 31, 2015: The Observatory, Santa Ana, CA

with The Brevet

Poor Isaac
Cocaine and Abel (*world premiere)
A Certain Type of Girl (*world premiere)
Change and Change and Change and Change
April is the Cruelest Month
The Lines of the Cars
Strangers (*world premiere)
Why Why Why (*world premiere)
The Fall of Rome
Bride and Groom
Hell and Back
Happiness is Overrated
One Time Thing
All I Ever Wanted
Sometime Around Midnight


The Graveyard Near the House
All At Once

*Notes: We’re calling “Cocaine and Abel” and “A Certain Type of Girl” world premieres even though they were played in the very early days of the band, as we’re not sure how much they have changed since then. “April is the Cruelest Month” and “The Lines of Cars” have definitely been played before, though the latter was previously known as “Waves and Radiation.” “The Girls in Their Summer Dresses” was setlisted after “Changing,” but skipped. “Elizabeth” and “Missy” were added to the encore. “Happiness is Overrated” was added in place of “It Doesn’t Mean a Thing.”

  1. Scott says:

    It was an absolute EPIC night.


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