The Airborne Toxic Event Setlist, Oct. 11, 2014: Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, ON

with In the Valley Below

Welcome to Your Wedding Day
Happiness is Overrated
What’s in a Name?
Hell and Back
The Winning Side
Wishing Well
Dope Machines
Sometime Around Midnight
All I Ever Wanted


The Graveyard Near the House
Does This Mean You’re Moving On?
Missy/I’m on Fire/Missy

*Notes: All At Once (after Innocence) and Bride and Groom (after Elizabeth) were setlisted but skipped. Dope Machines was added.

  1. Toxic says:

    Changes were that they didn’t play Bride and Groom, and All At Once.

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  2. Toxic says:

    Oh right I forgot, because they played new songs Wrong and California, but they also debuted another new song that sounded pretty trippy. It might have been Fall of Rome. I think it was after Wrong.


  3. Toxic says:

    All right so I checked it out, it wasn’t Fall of Rome, so I looked at the other new song they have videos of, and it’s Dope Machines that they played. There was crazy electronic high pitched notes during the song which I assumed to be from Anna’s keyboard. Like this one, not the Lollapalooza one

    He prefaced this song by saying they’ve been described as many different genres and ended with “Electronica band” which was strange to me until they started this song.


  4. Toxic says:

    Yep, sorry for the confusion. My ears were already slightly ringing from the first band who seemed to have set up the drums to be piercing and twice the volume of even the singers! Cheers mate, thanks for uploading all the setlists.


  5. Toxic says:

    Oh right, if it matters, “I’m on Fire” was what they performed in between the 2 Missy parts.


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