The Airborne Toxic Event Setlist, Oct. 12, 2014: The Loft, Lansing, MI

with In the Valley Below

Welcome to Your Wedding Day
Happiness is Overrated
Something New
What’s in a Name?
Hell and Back
The Winning Side
Wishing Well
Sometime Around Midnight
All I Ever Wanted


The Graveyard Near the House
It Doesn’t Mean a Thing
Bride and Groom
Does This Mean You’re Moving On?

*Notes: Something New, Innocence, It Doesn’t Mean a Thing, Bride and Groom and Timeless were all added to the printed setlist (Innocence took the place of All At Once). Timeless was added at the behest of a young girl holding a sign.

  1. Sh says:

    A young fan was holding a small sign on her dad’s shoulders that said – my jam is timeless. They did add it to the encore. Mikel acknowledged the girl by singing in her direction briefly. At one point, he walked over to her and gave her his pick. I was able to get a set list copy (which they deviated from) and showed the girl and her dad – they added the song just for her. At the very end, Mikel came over to her and spent a few moments with the girl, signing her sign. When Daren left the stage he came over with his set list and gave it to her…showing her and saying to her they added Timeless just for her. It was a very wonderful moment to witness. Daren signed her sign too. This band gets it!!! They know how to interact with their fans, young and old. Besides making great music – they are great people.

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