The Airborne Toxic Event Setlist, Oct. 9, 2014: Higher Ground, Burlington, VT

with In the Valley Below

All At Once
Happiness is Overrated
Half of Something Else
All for a Woman
It Doesn’t Mean a Thing
Hell and Back
The Winning Side
Goodbye Horses
Wishing Well
Sometime Around Midnight
All I Ever Wanted


The Fall of Rome (*world premiere)
The Graveyard Near the House
Does This Mean You’re Moving On?
Missy/I’m on Fire/Missy

Notes: The printed setlist was an afterthought tonight. The Fifth Day and Elizabeth were skipped. It Doesn’t Mean a Thing, Safe, Goodbye Horses and Duet were all added. California featured a new intro with Anna Bulbrook on the viola. The Fall of Rome was performed by Mikel alone, playing an “angry” acoustic guitar, with lots of lyrics a la Dublin.

  1. […] On Oct. 9 in Burlington, The Airborne Toxic Event debuted a new song called “The Fall of Rome.” Performed solo by singer/songwriter Mikel Jollett on an acoustic guitar, it proves that his pen is as sharp as ever heading into album number 4. Below are the unofficial lyrics, transcribed from a video shot by This Is Nowhere’s Julie Stoller (which we promise will be available soon). As always when transcribing from a live video, there are a few words we’re not 100% sure about, and there may be some differences from the official release. We take full responsibility for any inaccuracies. […]


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