TATE Baby Gift #2: Diaper Bag

Dear Colleen and Andy,

We were really excited to be included in this creative process, the most original baby shower EVER! It began for us by trying to find a bag, which was up to me and Jennifer. I looked online and there were HUNDREDS! I was overwhelmed to say the least. We knew we wanted something black, edgy, more rock-n-roll than a diaper bag would normally be, lol! The question was should we go more traditional with all the bells and whistles, or seriously rockin’, but without the comforts of a bigger bag? Alas, practicality won out. That and the thought that Andy would be more likely to carry an edgy diaper bag than a large, girly-looking purse being used as one!

Next was deciding what images to paint on the bag. We kicked around several, from headless men, to falling umbrellas, to falling birds…well, you’ve seen all the Airborne paraphernalia, you know of what we speak. I picked the tree, representative of life, frozen as if in winter, bare of leaves and waiting for the Spring to come so it can bloom again. And Colleen’s favorite bird, adorning her cheek at every concert, identifying her from afar as a truly devoted fan. There would be no blood or gore on this bird…no death, only life.

The actual drawing was done initially in white pencil, which is much more forgiving than oil-based ink marker.

The images were finished with Sharpie ink markers, white for the tree and silver for the bird.

Colleen and Andy, we are so happy to be able to celebrate this amazing event in your lives, when all your dreams are coming true.  You openly bared your hearts and souls to share with us this journey and we are honored to be a small part of it. Everything will change once your little guy is in your arms, each day new and different, each day having your heart so full you think it will burst. You have all our prayers and happy thoughts as you start this new chapter in your lives. Prayers for health, joy, laughter, security and contentment. God Bless!

Wendy and Tim Steele and Jennifer Largent

TATE Diaper Bag, Side 1 - Final

TATE Diaper Bag, Side 1 – Final

TATE Diaper Bag, Side 2 - Pencil Sketch

TATE Diaper Bag, Side 2 – Pencil Sketch

TATE Diaper Bag, Side 2 - FINAL

TATE Diaper Bag, Side 2 – FINAL

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  2. I am speechless…this is so incredible…I love the video diary of what is sure to be the Coolest Diaper Bag Ever Created. Motherhood has never been so rock & roll. I can’t wait. You guys are the best. xxx


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