The Airborne Toxic Event and tattoos: it’s a thing.

“It’s insane to be playing a show where everyone knows every word to every song and people have all these Airborne Toxic Event tattoos and everyone knows the culture of the band,” says band leader Mikel Jollett. “It’s great.”

There may be no greater statement of devotion than to have a band inscribed on one’s body in permanent ink. It says something about Airborne and the passion the group engenders that so many of their fans have taken the plunge. And lest you think some of them may live to regret it, fear not. Guitarist Steven Chen solemnly swears: “We made a vow to never have people be embarrassed by their tattoos.”

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own TATEoo, below is a gallery of Airborne-inspired tats (click on any image for a closer look). To add yours to the collection, drop us an e-mail.