The Airborne Toxic Event Lyrics: A Certain Type of Girl

The Airborne Toxic Event, Songs of God and WhiskeyFrom The Album Songs of God and Whiskey (2015)
Published by The Airborne Toxic Event
Lyrics by Mikel Jollett

A Certain Type of Girl

When I was a boy, my daddy told me, “Son, don’t you ever mess with a certain type of girl.” Now I’ve wished more than twice I’d have taken Dad’s advice; I wish it more than anything in this world.

He’d grab himself a bottle and he’d look me in the eye, and he’d take a plug and he’d wipe it from his chin. He said, “Son, don’t put much part in those matters of the heart.” I wish I had listened to him.

And tell me oh Jesus, I’m asking you please: How do I make this endless heartache cease? Lord I’d believe in you if you’d believe in me too. I just want a little peace.

Us big city boys, we don’t think about it much. It’s all whiskey, wine and messing around with drugs. All these secrets that we keep, never knowing where we’ll sleep, I guess I always thought it was enough.

But I have this feeling in my heart, these days of wanting more, something to ease this weary head. So I guess I thought that girl might redeem me from this world, Lord I should’ve asked you instead.

And tell me oh Jesus, I’m down on my knees. I know that I’m no long-suffering priest. But I believe in you, could you believe in me too? I just want a little peace.

Oh Lord, I just need a little peace.


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