The Airborne Toxic Event Lyrics: Cocaine and Abel

The Airborne Toxic Event, Songs of God and WhiskeyFrom The Album Songs of God and Whiskey (2015)
Published by The Airborne Toxic Event
Lyrics by Mikel Jollett

Cocaine and Abel

The second time
You ask me to do the line
You offer it so graciously
So I think, what harm could it be for me?

Are you sure that this won’t last?
My god, this stuff, it sure works fast
It’s like you’re opening a vein
And bleeding out my brain, brain, brain

I love you too
But I really love your shoes
You look stunning decked in red
Wait, what was it that I said?

Are you happy to be alive?
Are you frightened someday you’ll die?
Are you sharp, are you dull
Are you that tiny sober dot
at the center of my fevered skull?

When the conversation ends
What happens when the conversations ends?
Oh, tell me when the conversation ends
Oh please, don’t let this conversation end

Do you like to read, do you like to ski?
Do you like Kurt Vonnegut, do you like me?
Do you always quote Dostoevsky?
Or only when you snort a ki, ki, ki?

I feel so sick
Please don’t tell me this is it
You gave me such a fright
Let’s dance like ghosts,
Let’s haunt ourselves tonight

  1. Hi, I’ve transcribed some of the lyrics from Songs of God And Whiskey and I’d like to offer them to the website. I’m Brazilian so they all have a verse or two I couldn’t identify, but most of the work is done, it just needs a touch-up, and I’d love to share it with you guys.



  2. J says:

    Just a touch up on the lyrics here: I believe that in the sixth stanza the line is “Do you like Kurt Vonnegut?” not “harmonica.” At least, that’s how I’ve been hearing it (-:

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sandykat says:

    First off, great job on all the lyrics. I believe the line before ski is “do you like to read? Do you like to ski? Do you like Kurt Vonnegut, do yo like me?” Listen to it on headphones and it sets up the literary references. And in “April is the cruelest month” I believe it’s “to some neophyte trying “. But mostly thank you for posting these. It made my so very happy

    Liked by 1 person

  4. joseph says:

    Thanks for the lyrics! I love this song 🙂
    Just a possible minor change: the first “the conversation ends…” Should have a “when” as well so
    “When the conversation ends..” Etc

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Isaac says:

    Also, at the end it should read “Only when you snort a ki, ki, ki.” It’s short for kilo, or a lot of cocaine.

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