The Airborne Toxic Event Lyrics: Innocence

The Airborne Toxic EventFrom The Album The Airborne Toxic Event (2008, 2009)
Lyrics by Mikel Jollett


Well, I lost my innocence today. I could feel her in my bones, my blood. And I woke up tired, scared, and sad, so drained I felt so bad. Today, would you steal… would you say, what you feel, which is nothing but hollow, thin as air. I could die, I just don’t care.

And forget happiness, I’m fine. I forget everything in time. I swear I didn’t know, you know me how I can’t let go. And we’re not gods, we’re just hacks, all this life along the cracks, the scars, the siege that breaks. The ugliest scenes, the worst mistakes. Everywhere I see her face; such a beautiful child, such an awful waste. And there’s no innocence like hers – just emptiness and nerves.

And this light, from the window of my car, she’ll never see it, oh my god. I was so surprised; it blew up in my face. Lord, I lost my nerve. Oh my god.

I tear
So hard
I beg and scream
I was wrong
It’s over.
She’s gone.
Oh my love.


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