The Airborne Toxic Event Lyrics: It Doesn’t Mean a Thing

The Airborne Toxic Event, All At OnceFrom The Album All At Once (2011)
Published by Primary Wave Airborne (ASCAP)
Lyrics by Mikel Jollett

It Doesn’t Mean a Thing

I never knew my mother, but I can’t say it was so bad. She was still a girl of 17 on thenight she met my dad. He was just six months out of Chino trying his hardest to stay clean. When they’d sing like doves sleeping with broken wings in a bed made for a king. It didn’t mean a thing.

It was a shotgun forest wedding, but they forgot to bring the guns. They were too busy counting promises to the children not yet born. No one could afford the ride, so they just hitched up the 101. And they’d sing like doves dancing with broken wings, with a view fit for a king. It didn’t mean a thing.

There was a loneliness they would confess like the world had just gone bad, I guess. So they’d hold hands looking to the eyes of God. And they’d say, “Tell me why you’d hide from us? Why you’d fill the world with wickedness? Why’d you spare us from your grace, but not the rod?”

Now my dad says, “Fuck the details, just keep your head down hard. You got to find yourself alone before you’ll find the eyes of God. You may be broke and scared and mad and tear at the flesh of your heart-strings. But you were born to be a peasant not a king. So just stop acting like you’re running from something. You’re gonna leave the way you came without a thing, with your heart tied your mind tied to a string. You just sing and you sing and you sing.”

“It doesn’t mean a thing.”


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