The Airborne Toxic Event Lyrics: True Love

The Airborne Toxic Event, Such Hot BloodFrom The Album Such Hot Blood (2013)
Published by Primary Wave Airborne (ASCAP)
Lyrics by Mikel Jollett

True Love

My heart, my head,
This blood, this bed

If I can feel the angels falling down around my head,
Their bodies spinning endlessly in circles around this bed

‘Cause it’s true love
‘Cause it’s true love

And you don’t know what to do sometimes and you’ve just lost it for days
And everyone tells you, “Just calm down, remember what she said,”
She’s standing by the record store, she’s got her whole life in her hands,
You say she’s crazy, man, but I’m crazy too and I’m crazy for what we had,

It was true love
It was true love

And everyone told me that I was wrong, but I thought that it was untrue,
Everyone told me that I was wrong, but I’m going home with you,
‘Cause I was there.

And I tore myself apart that night just wondering where you’d gone,
With the howling dogs screaming in the alleyway and all the angels on your lawn,
Now you’re standing here in front of me,
You got my whole life in your hands.
I know I’m crazy, Love, but you’re crazy too and you’re the only thing in my plans

‘Cause it’s true love
‘Cause it’s true love

Everyone told us just go find the meaning of a brand new song,
But they don’t know a goddamn thing about us, or a thing about holding on
‘Cause we were wrong.


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